Let’s give this a shot.

So, my life is looking pretty boring for a pretty long time stretching out ahead of me. I have an epic road trip hopefully happening in December, and then it’s back to school, but between now and then? Life, four months of nothing. I don’t even have a job anymore to keep myself occupied. So to keep my brain from melting, I’ll think of something to say every single day until then.

I’ll give myself a word count, too, to make sure I don’t just write “Bored.” every single day. I’m only at 90 now, whew…still, I think I’ll make myself do 500 a day. They can be broken up into as many separate posts as I choose, but they must be done.

But how to define a day? Midnight-to-midnight is a lot easier but also kind of a huge lie. There ought to be some sleep in between days, as opposed to just some edict from my clock.

Instead, it’ll be noon-to-noon. I generally wake up around noon anyway, these days, so that ought to work more logically with my schedule.

To be crystal-clear with myself (so I can’t weasel with myself later if I’m tired) here are the key rules:

1. A minimum of 500 words each day.

2. A new “day” begins each noon.

3. Any original written content is acceptable, including fiction or notes-to-self.

4. Quotes are acceptable in the appropriate context, but must comprise less than half the content of the post.

5. Missed days are simply missed. Instead of catching up, just move on.

SO! I start…now!

(256 words…ouch.)


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