So, I have comments. Yay! It was a somewhat predictable (but awesome!) result of my bit of blog-whoring, but it also forced me to realize that I can either say anything I want here or try to get conversations going. So now I’m feeling even weirder about my earlier post, in which I used people’s names and commented on their lives and whined a bit, in a way I would not feel comfortable having them see.

So I’m considering pseudonyms. But I can’t think of any for the people I talked about earlier…increasingly, I feel like it was none of my business, so I’m going to make that post private, and be more careful what I write in future. Which I guess means I’ve decided: this is not my diary. I’ll bust out some old-fashioned paper for that. This is a public blog. And while I intend it to be a safe space it is not a say-anything space.

So. Moving on.


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