What other people say about Thelma and Louise

I couldn’t help it, my interest was piqued. So here’s a quote/link round-up on Thelma and Louise.

“They achieve what the existentialist philosophers call transcendence. Having once experienced what it is to make their own choices, speak with their own voices, and take responsibility for their own actions, they are unwilling to relinquish that freedom. And they choose freely and with full awareness of the meaning of their choice not to relinquish it. It is an extraordinary resolution that ennobles Thelma and Louise–the characters and the film. And it is a stinging indictment of this society that the choice they make is the sane and reasonable one.”
Linda Lopez McAlister

Deception and Artifice: Thelma, Louise, and the Legal Hermeneutic by Shirley A. Wiegand

…aaand this has been a disappointing round-up, actually; I found so much more anti-feminist whining writing that I did thoughtful critique. Clearly, I have to learn to search better…or stick to it longer. But I’m off to bed.


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