Biden. Sigh.

Obama’s picked Biden. Woo. I was really hoping for Sebelius (Democratic governor in Kansas! She can get stuff done with Republicans without becoming one– she could teach Obama a thing or two.) If I thought I saw a flying pig, I might’ve hoped for Clinton. But no, we’ve got a fauxgressive old while guy. What a change.

I’m feeling a lot like this, right now.

I’ve never been a member of the Democratic Party; I’ve never been a partisan. But I have always voted for Democrats, and I always felt marginally in tune with the party. Now, I feel completely distant, completely detached. This, I fear, will only deepen that divide.

At some point, I’m going to be incredibly angry about that. But at the moment, I’m not even angry. Not yet, anyway.

In this moment, I just feel incredibly sad.

In fact, I just identified myself as an Independent instead of a Democrat on a survey, for the first time ever. Canada’s looking better and better.



2 Responses to Biden. Sigh.

  1. dollyann says:

    Aye, I felt the same way. Sebelius was my first pick, even if it felt like a half-nod at Clintonites. They were also talking over at Shakesville about how Biden just recently said some pretty racist/sexist stuff. Not what I would call a platform of change… I just feel annoyed because I was such a passionate Obama supporter earlier this year, and as the year’s waned, so has my support for him.

  2. eloriane says:

    I have a lot of personal respect for Sebelius, and I think she deserves wider recognition. However, I also think picking her would be a good nod to the Clintonites (who, in my opinion, deserve a hell of a lot more than a nod) not because she’s a woman, but because she’s a strong progressive. (Okay, and also because she’s a woman. Symbolism isn’t everything– there are lots of women I would NOT like to see as VP– but it is still often significant.)

    I was never an Obama supporter, per se (I was Kucinich, and then Edwards, and then Clinton…) but I was certainly okay with the idea of him being elected…though like with you, as the year’s waned, so has my support for him.

    Again, siiigh.

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