Eureka is driving me mad!

So, “Maneaters” was as awful as I’d predicted, in all the predictable ways. (Seriously, if “being a decent human being” isn’t motive enough, screenwriters should ditch the misogyny because it’s boring. The same stereotypes going through the same tropes, again and again. Yawn!)

In this case, a man is subjected to repeated, intense, and blatant sexual harassment (two counts of forced frenching!) but no one actually uses the words “sexual harassment” to describe it. He’s threatened with rape (and, at one point, gang rape) but no one actually uses those words either. Women totally lose their minds because of lust, and as the “virus” takes hold it’s suggested that the women would actually cannibalize Jack if they got their hands on him, and the whole thing is funny.

The “virus” makes men produce eleventy-bajillion times the normal amount of sex-appeal-ium which makes women lose their minds. It can’t make women irresistible (I guess because it’s not funny when women are threatened with gang rape and cannibalism?) or at least, no one worried about it.

Also, it seems that there are no gay people in Eureka (well, I thought I saw a guard checking out Jack’s ass, but he could have just been staring at Fargo, who was forcing nearby female scientists to remain at least 15 feet away from Jack.)

Or maybe this plague was created by the gay scientists, to eliminate straight people! All the straight men would be killed and eaten by all the straight women, while all the gay men and women hid, before emerging to repopulate the earth with a series of sperm banks and surrogate mothers! Unless gay men would still be irresistible to the straight women? Or they’d be irresistible to each other? I’m not sure they’d make it out.

Whatever, the lesbians would be totally a-okay. The straight women would come to their senses after all the men were gone and probably feel a little bad about the raping-and-cannibalizing, and in that vulnerable state, they would make easy prey for the lesbians, who would take over the world!!! Mua ha ha ha ha!

I seem to have strayed from the plot of Eureka, somewhere along the line, but my version’s more interesting and involved more creative thought, so I’m going to stick with it. Maybe I’ll summon the willpower to deal with this rubbish show tomorrow.


2 Responses to Eureka is driving me mad!

  1. again – why do you watch this rubbish show

    • vivamus says:

      I… don’t watch this show. I don’t think I even finished the first season. This blog post is three years old. The blog itself hasn’t been updated since Janurary 2010, and that was a cannibalized school paper. If you look at the archives, I haven’t written an actual blog post for this blog for over two years.

      Why did you feel such a need to write a comment? Why do I get comments every week about Eureka, when I clearly did nothing more than casually watch half a season to try the show out? I decided I didn’t like it and moved on with my life. Three years ago. I have written stuff way more controversial than this. Why are Eureka fans so defensive???

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