McCain, and asking rhetorical questions

So, I was on teh internets, as usual, and I saw this ad:

I though to myself, hpmh, that’s an annoying way to phrase the question, but the answer is still an emphatic YES. I’d better vote so McCain can’t use this statistic against Obama. So I clicked “yes,” and it brought me…to this page:

So, uh, McCain’s website isn’t actually collecting data. There’s no way to vote yes. This seems like such a perfect example of who McCain is and why I don’t want him as president, I couldn’t help but share.

McCain: Asking Questions Without Listening To Answers (And Taking Drastic Action Anyway) Since 1936.

(Side note: I had no idea McCain was born in 1936 before this very moment. 1936! That’s before World War II! That’s flappers and the Charleston! No wonder he has so much trouble remembering that Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist any more.)

4 Responses to McCain, and asking rhetorical questions

  1. dollyann says:

    1936!? That’s pretty damn old. I heard rumors that McCain doesn’t like e-mail either (which I find completely hilarious), but they are *rumors*.

    Best line of the week: “McCain: Asking Questions Without Listening To Answers (And Taking Drastic Action Anyway) Since 1936.” LMAO

  2. eloriane says:

    Actually, he DOESN’T email (like, at all) and he can’t get onto the internet by himself.

  3. dollyann says:

    Well, why would a presidential candidate in the 21st cenury need the Internetz? And e-mail? That’s for candidates lacking in foreign policy experience.

    (mocking sarcasm intended)

  4. eloriane says:

    Re: foreign policy experience, I remind you: Czechoslovakia.

    lol. This guy just can’t win.

    (I hope.)

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