What the hell?! Or, why I have trouble with humour.

It’s unspeakably difficult to find something that’s funny enough to make me laugh without also being bigoted enough to make me want to SCREAM. The longer it’s funny, the more likely it’s going to send me into a rage by the end.

(The Daily Show won my undying love simply by NOT using jokes that relied simply on the notion that being female, gay, or transgendered was inherently awful. I haven’t watched much ever since I’ve been too broke to buy it on iTunes, but back when I had money, I dedicated a whole day of my week-long New York trip to be able to see a taping. That’s how bad it is.)

What brought this on? THIS! It’s cute and funny and something that really rang true with me, until suddenly, at the end, for no reason whatsoever, it goes completely transphobic! Why?!? Why do you do this to me, StumbleUpon? Why doesn’t common decency screen these things out? Seriously, who thinks it OK to say that, let alone illustrate it and put it on the web? I mean, what’s the punch line? “Ha ha, he used to be forced into acting ‘male’ because he has a penis, but now we’re all going to mock him for being a man in a dress, since obviously he doesn’t know what gender he really is”? “Ha ha, he just made every future doctor’s visit into a nightmare, and increased his chances of being murdered to 1 in 4”? Or is it just “Ha ha, now he’s no longer a human being, so we don’t have to treat him with respect any more”?

When I’m not so tired, I’ll dig up the links I have in mind for those “jokes.” Ugh.

Seriously, though, everyone…the only trans person I’ve ever met (who was out to me, anyway) stole my girlfriend, and I still know better than to engage in or condone transphobia.

And AAAGH! WordPress’ spell-check doesn’t even recognize transphobia! Is that how rare it is to recognize that people are people, regardless of their genitals or gender identity, even if those don’t match? What in the world does that make intersex folks, in people’s minds? (AAAAAGH! Intersex isn’t recognized either!)

I’m going to bed! I can’t handle the world when I’m this tired and it’s this stupid.


5 Responses to What the hell?! Or, why I have trouble with humour.

  1. dollyann says:

    I watched the vid and 3/4 of the way through it I was like, “what’s she talking about?” And then it hit… it is like a smack in the face. I wasn’t enthralled with the clip in the first place, but damn. You called it, eloriane. And doesn’t it piss you off more that this transphobic trash is coming from an child (aka “innocent”) narrator’s voice? Like that makes it cute or something… Curse you StumbleUpon!

  2. eloriane says:

    Yes, exactly! It’s supposed to be a child’s school report– it’s the last place I’d expect any kind of foul humour. Maybe some bodily-function jokes, but nothing more questionable than calling somebody a stupid poopyhead.

    But apparently blatant transphobia doesn’t count as “foul.”

  3. Alexbutt says:

    Sidenote: You can watch the Daily Show online, for free, in a totally legal and groovy way on the Daily Show website.

  4. eloriane says:

    haha, Alex, you’re commenting on all my angry-3-am-StumbleUpon rants…

    And the Daily Show site is awesome! The last time I was there (a zillion years ago) they were in the middle of switching systems or something and it was so slow I gave up…I’m definitely going to be watching more vids there now! Thanks!

  5. […] written about this before, but a lot of humor relies on truly unfortunate stereotypes. A LOT. Racism, sexism, homophobia, […]

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