Taking a week off!

Hey! I’m heading to my college town to take a break from my break, so I won’t be around to reply to comments or emails. However, I’ve worked extra hard to put together some posts in advance, so the blog will be auto-updating every day. (This is the first one, to make sure it’s all going to work!)

I’ll try to peek in on the comments when I can, but I haven’t seen these guys for a long time no probably I won’t be around much. I hope you enjoy what I’ve lined up for you, and I’ll see you on the 14th when I get back!


2 Responses to Taking a week off!

  1. Crowfoot says:

    Aha! first of the won’t-be-read-til-the-14th comments! 😀 Have a good trip! Maybe I’ll go back and read those posts of yours I was meaning to read with more detail [I’ll often skim a post, reading only the main ones I that pique my interest; a lurker must delineate her time well 😉 ]

  2. dollyann says:

    Ah, we misses u eloriane! 😀 Actually, today’s the 15th and I just found this post, so I’m kind of like, “Oh, that’s where she was.” Hope your break from your break was fun. 😀

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