Hey, I’m back!

So, I kind of failed at updating while I was gone. I had four more articles that were 3/4 finished and thought I’d easily finalize and publish them while I was away, but I really had no internet access at all (my laptop didn’t like the university wifi) and I was really busy catching up with everyone.

Anyway, I had a great time, and life should resume as usual. As soon as I can get back into the habit of writing every day. Oh man.


7 Responses to Hey, I’m back!

  1. Crowfoot says:

    Welcome back!

    I had a blog once, and I couldn’t get myself arsed to write more than 3 times, let alone everyday! Or every week!

  2. eloriane says:

    Somehow, it’s SO HARD to get myself to sit down in front of WordPress’s little word processor and write my thesis statement. And every day that I don’t make myself do it, it gets even harder.

    But once I start, it’s always really easy; I do all the hard stuff (i.e., the thinking) during the rest of my life, so by the time I’m onto the second sentence I already know what I want to say. And then it takes barely half an hour for everything to come out and find its proper place in the post. Plus, every day that I do write it just gets easier to find the words– I bet it took me several hours each for those first posts, but now they’re flying off my fingers, and I’m not any less pleased with the quality. I’ve just gotten better at writing.

    It’s just the getting started that’s hard, and after an entire week of not sticking to my schedule, it’s as hard as it was the very first time I did it. As you can see, I chickened out and did a blogaround.

    When I started blogging, I knew I’d either blog every day, or not at all. And I long ago decided that I would be the Decider of my own life, so I Decided that it was going to be every day. And man, has it ever been rewarding. I mean, I’ve met you!

    In all seriousness, I doubt I’m ever going to do better than the hundred views a day I get now– I’ve been good to my schedule for three months now, I figure that’s basically my audience. But I adore seeing commenters come back again and again– you and Dolly and nevermore and even fremenalex who doesn’t always get it but is always willing to listen. The people on this blog are the only ones who are willing to listen to me talk about my favourite things in the world, feminism and movies. And you don’t just listen, you talk back and honestly I learn a lot.

    Man, I should write a post about how much I love everybody. I’m getting really, really close to 100 posts– I’ll do something nice for you guys then.

    And I’ll write it when I’m exhausted, too, like right now, so it’ll be super wordy and all sappy and sentimental and shit and I’ll curse even though I don’t usually when I’m not sleepy.


  3. Crowfoot says:

    And I’ll write it when I’m exhausted, too, like right now, so it’ll be super wordy and all sappy and sentimental and shit and I’ll curse even though I don’t usually when I’m not sleepy.

    heeh yay for cursing and sentimentality! \o/

    You’re right about the hardness of writing in the beginning… that was why I made a blog to begin with, to try and force myself through this chronic writer’s block I have. Rather following the same train of thought as yourself. However I clearly failed! Heheh :-/

    And I’ve always kind of fancied myself a writer, even tho I don’t write- perhaps largely because I love words and writing so much, be it fictional or non-fictional. But writing has always been so hard. I’ve managed to do reasonably well when I do write; my term papers were almost all graded at around the 85-90% range, and I won second place in an essay contest at school (I have a BA in archaeology). But oy do I pay for it :-/

    For myself, I enjoy your writing on feminism and movies – combining those things are some of my favourite things too 🙂 (and gaming and tv shows… any kind of general feminist analysis of pop culture is cool). And I’m glad I met you too!

  4. eloriane says:

    I’ve always considered myself a writer as well, though I’ve been learning the limitations of my writing recently. I like to think I’ve had moderate success with short nonfiction essays (i.e., blogging) and I’ve done well with my screenwriting as well, but I’m never going to be a novelist, I don’t think. I just end up writing a screenplay in novel format and that doesn’t work very well.

    I think you should try blogging again. Give yourself a modest word count to be met on a fixed schedule (no need to go crazy like me, and do a thousand words a day– try just a couple hundred, a few days a week). You can give yourself a theme or do what I did, and write whatever interests you for a few weeks until a theme emerges. It takes discipline, but I find it extremely rewarding, and I promise I’d add you to my blogroll and check for updates every day!

    I’ve always had to write, in some form or another. But I prefer blogging to scribbling half-baked story ideas in my journals (though I still do that, too) because I can learn so much more from it. The biggest thing, actually, was learning to accept that I couldn’t keep my writing private forever and just wait for perfection, but I’ve also been learning so many different little things, different perspectives on television shows or movies, or new games I should try.

    It’s definitely been a successful experiment.

  5. dollyann says:

    Hooray! Glad you’re back! 😀

  6. Crowfoot says:

    I think I suffer from something similar, that waiting for perfection thing. What if it’s not perrrfeeeect??? *whine* 😛

    Your advice is good, of course. Maybe I will try again, trying very hard to hit “post” even if I think it sucks heh. It’s the “it takes discipline” part that has me nervous haha

  7. […] go ahead and use it to reflect on this whole blogging thing. I talked a lot in the comment thread here about what a rewarding experience blogging has been, but it deserves to be said […]

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