Other People: Gender Goggling so I don’t have to!

Hey, want some great, gender-conscious movie reviews? Sorry, my brain still hasn’t gotten used to working again! But don’t worry, these people have got you covered.

I saw Step Brothers (YES, I KNOW) over at Crimitism is pretty self-explanatory. An excellent take down of an excrement film.

American Gangster, another movie I’ll never see, got an interesting review on Femtique’s blog at Media Girl. (Also check out this post on Kayne West and Cassie. Just look at how different the covers are, for the same magazine!)

Brilliance: A Feminist Critique of Animation is a site that evades direct linking to reviews (or even to a home page!), so look at a partial list here. Also check out some interesting, more general articles: Specialized Roles, and Sexuality in American Cartoons.

Hello, it’s Dick Whitman at Tiger Beatdown looks at Mean Girls and Mad Max to see the real stories they’re telling us about gender. (Here’s a hint: a lot of it is constructed, and none of it’s much fun.)

Now let’s toodle on over to Heroine Content, to see two very different movies with a hot guy and a sexy Angelina Jolie on their movie posters: Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Wanted.

And just to give you whiplash, from sexy violence to kids’ movies: at The Hathor Legacy, two more similar-but-oh-so-different movies: Ice Age and Karaba the Witch. Especially check out the Ice Age one; it points out a lot of painfully bad tropes that I didn’t even notice at the time, I’ve been so desensitized to them.

If you’d like to venture into the internet yourself to find more, you might look at the University of Maryland’s Women’s Studies Database of feminist movie reviews. (I found it by chance at the end of my review-searching, so now I’ll surely be on the lookout for more similar sites from other universities.) There appear to be approximately ten gazillion reviews there (gazillion is a scientific term, by the way; it means “a ginormous number, times a zillion”) and while I’ll probably be combing through them later, you might look up a movie you’ve seen and check out what’s been said.


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