Hey! Want you see YOUR NAME on a Gender Goggles byline?

You say YES? Marvellous!

I’m heading out on another trip on the 30th (ten days in INDIA! Attending a friend of the family’s wedding!) and I’m really struggling to write ahead so that the blog won’t be empty while I’m gone. I know there’s internet in India (obviously) but I’m not sure I’ll have the access, time, or inclination to blog while I’m there (though of course I’ll take pictures to share when I come back).

SO! My brilliant plan: you guys can write a critique or review of something you like (or something you hate) and I’ll schedule it to appear while I’m gone! You know what this blog’s about; just give your point of view on any feminist or media issue and I’ll gladly print it.

I’ll still be writing furiously to cover most of the days I’ll be out of town, but in case you’ve been seething over a terrible commercial or transported with joy by a new book, I wanted to offer you a forum to talk to the world! Well, an average of 50 people a day, anyway. Some of which are probably repeat visitors. Okay, most.

Just comment here or email me at eloriane (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re at all interested, and I will gladly repay you with eternal love, or, uh, a custom avatar.


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