Learn to Google II: Electric Boogaloo

The point of the “Learn to Google” series is not that the recipient of my ire is an idiot for not knowing whatever it is they fail to know. The point is that they are an idiot for failing to do a basic google search before demonstrating their ignorance to the whole wide world.

And so, I bring you: “O” is for Ohio.

In case you’re powerfully lazy: when Obama spoke in Ohio recently, he did not have a special Obama-flag flying behind him. That was the Ohio flag.

True, you have to have a guess that something’s up in order to google “Ohio flag.” But googling “Obama flag” or “Obama O flag” will, notably, not bring you anything except Obama with the usual American flag. These searches ought to inspire some further soul-searching, and some actual thought.

Maybe my expectations are too high for you, O wingnuts of the world, but please. Learn to google.


6 Responses to Learn to Google II: Electric Boogaloo

  1. dollyann says:

    Ugh, I saw this at Shakesville too. It’s ridiculous! These people are just scavenging for something against Obama; the problem is they can’t find anything!

  2. Crowfoot says:

    oooh dude that’s quite embarrassing O.o

    Scavenging. Making things up out of whole cloth. Ignoring when their side has done the same… there’s some scary people down there 😦 (all Canadians are Pure Progressive Smartness ™ dontcha know :p )

  3. eloriane says:

    Oh man, making things up out of whole cloth! Have you see this? Palin’s Delusions Worsen! Basically, she’s telling, uh, outright lies. Totally counter to reality. And getting away with it!

    I don’t want to make Canada into some sort of magic perfectland full of unicorns and rainbows, but, MAN. America. FAIL.

  4. dollyann says:

    Report: Palin abused her power

    Palin: Read the report. I didn’t abuse my power.


  5. eloriane says:

    Yeeeah. It’s, um, pretty blatant.

    We’ve always been at war with Oceania.

  6. […] summed it up best in the comments here: Report: Palin abused her […]

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