Technology is crazy amazing

I am blogging from a taxi in India, using only my telephone.

That is all.


5 Responses to Technology is crazy amazing

  1. dollyann says:

    That’s pretty crazy, eloriane. Will you be able to find out the results of the election w/out your laptop? I don’t know how interested India is in the American election.

  2. Crowfoot says:

    I think, this time around, everyone is interested in the American election! There was a world map circulating around the interwebs showing how the world would vote – I think there was only one solidly red country, Saudi Arabia. I suspect it will be in the news 🙂

    Plus, mmmm technology! 😀

  3. eloriane says:

    We visited a 1000-year-old temple today and the priest led us through a prayer to Vishnu for “health, wealth, happiness, and a good election.”

    I’ll know the results, believe me!

  4. Alexbutt says:

    I thought you were banning yourself from the internet? Tsk, tsk, Laura!

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