Moar trips pls kthx

Hell all, I’m just dropping a line here to let everyone know that eloriane will be away for a time – but not to worry! More posts are forthcoming. We’ll be posting on alternate days while she’s away (at least, likely again later on). She had hoped to have something posted up here over the last couple of days but alas, that is the life of a jet-setter :-p Just back from one trip and she’s off for another!

We all wish her the best, of course, and are maybe a little envious (I am!).

Soon we shall be back to regular daily blogging goodness. In the meantime, I shall link to a post by Sady at tiger beatdown where she flays rape-apologist Aaron P. Taylor and his posting co-horts. In Elizabethan rhyme. Day-um it’s funny. I’ve already gushed over there, heh.

Here’s a taste:

From woman’s boldness springs all misery;
To dance and not to fuck is trickery!

MERCDOUCHIO [some poster called as such by Sady- Crowfoot]: 
Secondly, he is not a rapist, he walked away from the situation. He just thought that OTHER men might not be so forgiving.

He doth forgive! He shall not now thee rape,
Though thou hast made his peen into a jape!


4 Responses to Moar trips pls kthx

  1. dollyann says:

    Oh? Where is she going this time? Or is it… *whispers* “confidential?” I’m wondering now if eloriane is a secret agent for the FBI…

  2. dollyann says:

    Also, is it just my computer or is the magnificent avatar that eloriane herself designed for me not showing correctly?

  3. Crowfoot says:

    haha oh yes. CIA in fact 🙂 I don’t know if she’s talked about her road trip here …. I think she has, at least in comments. I’ll do a peek and if she has I’ll let you know. I’m a little bit uncomfortable talking about it until I know whether or not it’s confidential.

    Yeah, I notice that re your avatar – it’s just a black box. Could it be some sort of setting when you log in to wordpress?

  4. dollyann says:

    Yup. That was it. I was logged out of wordpress. It should show up correctly now. I have to be sure I’m showing eloriane proper gratitude in using it as much as possible. 😀

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