See what I mean about amazing email forwards?

I think I have to start a new tag for the awesome stuff I get in my email, it’s so frequently amazing. Take a look:

43 white men, and Barack

Yeah. This is why, even though I still wish Hillary Clinton was going to be my president– this is why I am nevertheless awed and even cautiously optimistic. I know he will eventually disappoint me. But man, does that line-up ever look good with him in it!


2 Responses to See what I mean about amazing email forwards?

  1. dollyann says:

    That is MADE OF WIN! Holy cow, that’s so freak’n sweet! And, while I’m sure it’s not perfect consolation, they’re thinking about making Hillary Secretary of State. I’m hoping she’ll accept!

  2. Crowfoot says:

    Thanks for sharing, eloriane 😀 this is definitely awesome! LOVE it! I agree with you re HRC but I’m feeling more optimistic about how progressive he’ll be than I used to. Dropping Larry Fucking Summers from the short list was a great relief! (tho he shouldn’t even had been in the running, IMHO).

    I’d like to see Clinton as Secretary of State too – well, anywhere where she can do the most good 🙂

    Regardless, I still get choked up seeing “President Elect Obama.” I’ll cry at the inauguration for sure.

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