Women’s Music: Erin McKeown Edition

One of the things that I lovelovelove about the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (or any music festival, really) is the opportunity to hear new music. As my writer’s block is STILL seriously kicking. my. ass I thought I would try and introduce y’all to one of my new favourite musicians. Of course, some of you might already know her!

Her name is Erin McKeown and she puts on a great GREAT live show. So awesome! If she’s playing in your neighbourhood go see her; you’ll be assured of a good time. (plus, she is omg very hot)

Here’s a little clip:

*edit: gah! wonky linkage. Let’s try again!

*editedit: ok the link looks like it’s working, but the sound and visuals are waaaay off! lol


4 Responses to Women’s Music: Erin McKeown Edition

  1. Dolly says:

    There’s a Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival? I live in Michigan; I didn’t know that. *Further proof that I live under a rock*

    BTW, the first YouTube link’s not work’n.

    Second vid was pretty cool. Although, I like girls that headbang, earsdrum bleed rawk a little more. 😉

  2. Crowfoot says:

    I like gals who rawk out more as well! 😀 I’ve just discovered the Distillers, and am rather fond of Babes in Toyland and Bikini Kill. I may be showing my age with the latter, heh.

    And YEAH, there is a Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. DEAR GOD it is amazing!! A full week of camping in the woods with thousands of lesbians (and a few het women as well heh) and three stages, 40 shows, 3 vegetarian meals provided per day, outdoor showers, craft fair, workshops, independent film festival, all for one price, all on several hundred acres of private land. It’s actually been going for about 33 years!

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