I secretly love being rickrolled. It’s funnier every time it happens! Maybe it would get annoying if it happened more often, but as it is, it’s like losing The Game– every time somebody reminds me that it exists, I am overjoyed at the ridiculousness of our darling interwebs.

Seriously, isn’t this one clever? And just poke around this site a bit and I guarantee that when you find it, it will make you smile. One April Fool’s Day, I was rickrolled by a webnovel I was reading– the chapter started out normally but then, sure enough, one character declared, “We’re no strangers to love!”

Honestly, it doesn’t take a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to impress me. Just “check out this vid doodz” will make me laugh if I’m not expecting Rick. Which means, alas, that rickrolls in this particular comments thread are less likely to make me grin, just because I’ll be expecting them. It also means that the rickrolls I’m sending to you now probably will be less delightful, because you didn’t stumble upon them at random– you already know what they are. (Though the execution is probably still worth noting.)

I think it must be the surprise that makes it so fun for me, and the fact that it’s ultimately not a very unpleasant surprise probably helped it spread; if it actually made people angry, it would be too mean-spirited to be fun outside of 4chan.

And oh man, is there anything better than meta-rickrolls? Just read this! And this! And THIS!

Internet, today I love you. But don’t get used to it.



  1. Greg F says:

    You do know about the other xkcd Rickroll, right? (Hint:

  2. eloriane says:


    Well, I know how; I can’t read music and nothing made me suspicious enough to google it. But still! Amazing! 😀

    • Crowfoot says:

      I. am. completely. confused.

      What is rickrolling?? sudden, inexplicable links to Rick Astley? It is Rick Astley in the video right?

      I am Not In The Loop *hangs head*

      on the other hand I love me some xkcd! 😀

  3. eloriane says:

    sudden, inexplicable links to Rick Astley?

    Yeah, that’s it, basically 🙂

    You have successfully rickrolled someone if you get them to click a link which they expect to lead to something else, but which instead leads to Rick’s dulcet tones. Wikipedia has more.

    The internets can be a silly place.

  4. eloriane says:

    By the way, I do believe I deserve a medal or a cookie or something for NOT rickrolling you with that Wikipedia link! 😉

    • Crowfoot says:

      heeh 😀

      I have no cookies, but I am nibbling on BBQ Pringles. Chips? *holds out can*

      the rickrolling is goodtimes 🙂

      edit: oh! you’re first link seems to just go to a messed up version of Gender Goggles fyi

  5. […] I’ve just been a cultural connoseiur lately (well, when I’m not giggling over rickrolling)– over Thanksgiving, I not only visited the Vancouver Art Gallery with Crowfoot, but also the […]

  6. adultedutainer says:

    A friend of mine who DJs rickrolled her club recently. I thought it hilarious.

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