New Year´s Resolutions

I don´t usually put much stock in New Year´s resolutions, but this year I think I´ll use them as an excuse to make a couple of my personal goals more explicit.

First, I want this blog to be updated every day. (Which is the impetus for this post…because time zones are wonky for me right now, I can justify backdating it to the 2nd, meaning I have not yet broken this resolution!) My life is, it seems, perpetually in flux and difficult to manage, but this place brings me a lot of joy and so I want to commit properly. Every single day. We´ll find a way!

Second, I want to take some goddamned classes. Hopefully this semester but if not, for sure this summer. I need to get my life back!

Third, I want to focus more on female creators. This year, I want to read fifty books by female authors. Actually, make that ¨read¨ fifty ¨books¨by female creators– I´ll be counting movies and any other form of storytelling as well. And I´ll review them all here!

Fourth, I want to end this blog post quickly so I can drive to Seville with my family. Luckily, I can do this right now!

Any of you making similar silly, lofty goals? Because I´m holding myself to mine, and Í can hold you to yours, too. 🙂


5 Responses to New Year´s Resolutions

  1. Dolly says:

    Nah… I’m too lazy to make good resolutions. The shock of getting back to school is usually more than enough for me in December. bleh

  2. Samantha says:

    I love your resolutions, but I cannot make them, for fear that I will not be able to resolve them.

    But I do love your resolution to read 50 books. 🙂

  3. Samantha says:

    Haha! Yeah I did 🙂

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