The Male Feminist Ally Blogaround!

Looking over the “Introduce Yourself” thread (where you should still introduce yourselves, o lurkers!) it seemed to me that we had a number of men around, which is excellent, except that I don’t know how to write about feminism from a male perspective. Now, part of being a feminist space is resisting the instict to automatically prioritize the male experience, so I’m not going to overhaul the blog or anything; there are plenty of other places to look at feminism and the kyriarchy from a male perspective. But what are those places? I thought I’d do a cursory round-up, and if you know of any more, leave links in the comments!

Turns out there’s a National Organizationg for Men Against Sexism! I never knew.

In terms of educational blog posts, Men! Feminism needs you! (Not your privilege…) at the F-Word might be a good place to start, and it has lots more links to other sites.

An old but interesting conversation at Feministe: Being a Feminist Boyfriend.

This is technically about racism, but it was really revelatory for me, and oppression is interconnected, so here you go: Unpacking the invisible knapsack.

For your ongoing perusal, Crowfoot has recommended some male feminist bloggers: A Radical Profeminist (whom I think I will be reading all day!) and Adonis Mirror.

Since I’ve been awake and travelling for nearly 24 hours now, I’m going to leave it there and get some sleep, but like I said, leave links in the comments!

I promise someday I’ll start writing real posts again, instead of just doing blogarounds all the time, but I’m STILL travelling. I haven’t spent more than a week in the same place since October, but in just a few more days, I’ll be home again, for a whole semester!


5 Responses to The Male Feminist Ally Blogaround!

  1. Samantha says:

    I never knew those sites existed, glad to see them! 🙂

  2. […] * Gender Goggles collects blogs from male feminist allies. […]

  3. Dolly says:

    Wow, we are like on the same wavelength or something because I’ve got a “Can Men Be Feminists?” post in the works for either tomorrow or Thursday. Great links. I’ve also got one bookmarked on my home desktop called “ProFeminsit Men’s FAQs.” I wish I had the link now… 😦

    Also, I stumbled upon this recently… kind of pertains to what you’re talking about:

    • Crowfoot says:

      thanks for the link! it looks interesting – he also reviews some books that look mighty interesting too.

      it is nice to have some fresh blogular blood on our radar, eh? I find that I inadvertently check around the same group of people so having new ones is great!

  4. […] eloriane said in her Male Feminist Blogaround, this site is intended to be a kind of Feminism 201, with the assumption that many of our readers […]

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