The look-over-there blogaround! Woooo!

Nothing to see here, folks! I’m still in the middle of setting up my classes, my new apartment, and my job(s)! Today, I got my apartment and moved the first shift of stuff in. Yesterday, I completed my 8-hour training for Kaplan. Tomorrow, I attend four classes (with ten minutes between each to run across an unfamiliar campus!) to figure out which ones I want to continue to take. I am only beginning to scratch the surface of these monumental tasks. I must still acquire hours, and then learn the ACT (which I’ve never even seen!); prove to the bureaucracy that I have the prerequisites for the classes I want, and actually enroll;  and then I’d like to turn the water on at my apartment. I have so much shit I need to get done on top of everything else, but the combination of job, school, and apartment are keeping me so busy I am actually drinking coffee. I hate coffee.

So. Look! Things that made me giggle! This counts as blogging, right?

Rocket Punch: hells yeah!



He finally did it!

College really isn’t necessary!

Indiana Jones!

Bananaphone Red Phone!


Cupcake Cakes!

Joke that won’t be as funny if I give you a clue!

Sometimes, stumbleupon is nice to me.

Good night!


One Response to The look-over-there blogaround! Woooo!

  1. Samantha says:

    Good luck with everything! And you will learn to love coffee (i love it!)!

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