Yeah, today was even more exhausting than I predicted. Four classes in in a how, a “working lunch” to get my water and cable set up, more apartment-shopping, followed by apartment-decorating, and after dinner, to make my day complete…homework!

I was amazed by how hard Arabic was for me, today. I took Arabic 1 in North Carolina, and got halfways through Arabic 2 before I went on medical leave, and now, after a semester off, I’m trying Arabic 2 again (same textbook and everything!) in Arkansas to keep from totally forgetting it all before I go back to NC, and, well, it’s a good thing I didn’t spend another semester without any Arabic! I try to read something, and it just looks like…squiggly lines. After all the syllabus stuff, class was almost entirely in Arabic today and I was really struggling to follow along. Half of the homework assignment was something I’d never done before (listen to sentences with new vocab, and write them down– harder than it sounds!) and the only reason I can go to bed now is that I’d done the other half before. (I decided it isn’t cheating if I did the assignment myself the first time, and I re-copied it to make sure I still understood it.) It’s not a permanant solution, since my homework completion dropped off pretty early on in Arabic 2 (remember, medical leave!) but it saved my life tonight.

Anyway, I’m basically giving myself permission to do really rubbish blogging until the internet is set up in my apartment next Wednesday. In the mean time, I’ll be getting my ass kicked by life pretty much full-time. I’ll try to update every day anyway, just for the principle of the thing, but…yeah. It’s probably going to be more whining like this.

Okay, three hundred words, that’s enough. I’m so tired. Good night!


3 Responses to Ouch.

  1. Samantha says:

    *HUG* I hope your days get better.

  2. Crowfoot says:

    me too. And mine! I can’t even post something rubbishy 😦 Sorry everyone.

  3. Dolly says:

    x3 good luck! Hope you do better too!

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