for that not-so-clean feeling.

I generally ignore any so-called “funny” videos that are hosted at, but for some reason I started watching this one before I could come to my senses, and then I couldn’t look away.

The March of Shame. (Possible trigger warning in effect!)


I have homework now (and last night it took me six hours) so that’s all I’m going to bother to say, except that you should keep an eye out for the woman’s deadened stare as she “takes a hot shower in an attempt to wash away her sins.” It’s almost like they’re aware that when someone gets extremely drunk and then “has sex,” it’s rape, especially since the implication is that they never would have agreed otherwise. I mean, these women look pretty clearly upset to me. As a college student, I certainly didn’t find it funny.

But I suppose I wasn’t the intended audience. I mean, the “College” half applies, but everyone knows “Humor” is a guy thing.


5 Responses to for that not-so-clean feeling.

  1. Samantha says:

    Yeah, definitely NOT funny, and to have Morgan Freeman narrate that, come on Morgan, I liked you!

  2. Sady says:

    Yes, I know that I, for one, have never laughed a day in my life. Christopher Hitchens told me not to, so I don’t. It’s just that simple.

  3. Sady says:

    Well, OK, he told me to laugh at OTHER people’s jokes. But not to make my own! I AM A DUMB, sorry. Still: it’s shit like this that gives douchenozzles grounds to argue that feminists are “humorless.” You didn’t find “Family Guy’s Rapetastic Joke Rapetacular” hilarious? YOU BITTER, JOYLESS SHREW.

  4. Dolly says:

    I might even consider putting a trigger warning on that video. I couldn’t watch the whole thing; it deeply upset me how this was supposed to be comedy. It’s creating a mockery of the deep humilation and degradation so many women experience in these kinds of siutuations. This isn’t college humor or any kind of humor. It’s misogynist humor, for guys who think that women are dispensable fuckholes without any dignity or sense of self.

  5. eloriane says:

    Sady: alas, you have still failed Christopher Hitchens, for you have made me laugh. I’m sure you’re really disappointed.

    Dolly: I’m so sorry! You’re right, it does need a trigger warning, which just makes me angrier.

    The damn thing just gets worse and worse as it goes on. I don’t think I quite finished it, either. Especially since I’m actually IN a fraternity (it’s co-ed!) and just went on a 3-week road trip visiting 15 different chapters of my fraternity…and yeah, drunken date-rape really shouldn’t be part of the “fraternity experience”. It certainly isn’t among my brothers. So to see it presented as the norm among fraternities, and like its “funny because it’s true” rather than a problem (since most fraternities aren’t like mine)… double the anger!

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