Geeks are Sexy

So, StumbleUpon brought me to the Cutest Star Wars Tusken Raider Doll Ever! (it didn’t have much competition, but this is still an impressive creation). In doing so, it brought me to


My first thought was, “Damn right we are!”

My second thought was, how is this even possible? No, really, look: she’s sitting on the very edge of that chair…but it’s got wheels. Wouldn’t it slide out from under her? And there’s no way she’s supporting herself with her feet, they’re hardly even touching the floor! Plus, wouldn’t her back get sore, sitting ramrod-straight like that? And how can she even see the screen from that far away?! What geek would choose to sit like that?

Well, maybe she’s trying to get around the fact that with a skirt that short, and a leather seat, her thighs are going to get hot and sticky mighty quickly if she sat normally…so then the question is, what geek would choose to wear clothes that make true geekery impossible? I mean, there’s no way she can use the computer for more than ten minutes in that position, let alone settle in for the sort of eight-hour internet binge I can go on other people go on.

Oh, what’s that? She’s not really supposed to be a geek? She’s just eye candy for the real geeks, who are obviously men? The laptop is just an accessory to make her hotter to the intended audience? Oh, okay, that makes a lot more sense.


4 Responses to Geeks are Sexy

  1. Samantha says:

    The sexiness of being geeky lies in that the sexiest part of a geek’s body is their mind and how they use it. This site doesn’t get that.

    That image appeals to men who obviously think being a geek is being the “hot librarian” who checks them out (we check people out, but not like that…).

    They think being geeky is something just for boys only and that a woman being a geek is a sexual fantasy (like the image above), not a reality, cause to them, that reality freaks them out.
    Cause a woman with a mind can’t truly be sexy to those type of men.

    But I beg to differ on that. Of course, we are all human and want someone who is appealing, its in our human nature, but for me, intelligence and geekiness are two of the sexiest things a woman can have.

  2. Samantha says:

    O, and the Star Wars doll, it is quite cute!

  3. Eng says:

    No, I think it is possible. I’m sitting in the edge of my seat now, and while it admittedly does not have wheels, I think it is possible to…direct your weight down, if that makes sense, in such a way that it is not horizontal and the chair does not slide away. (The feet are not exerting any force, though they do assist balance.)

    No thinking person, to say nothing of an actual geek, would actually sit like this. I mean, that chair looks REALLY comfortable.

  4. LOL, love your post eloriane 🙂

    Our audience is a about 65% male 35% female, which isn’t all that bad for a tech site. Yes, the header is merely an image, but we do think that mind is sexier than body.

    Thanks for making me smile 🙂


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