Voluntary Human Extinctionist Movement

Twisty Faster is the sort of blogger whose writing always makes me hope I’ll have the guts to be a spinster aunt when I grow up, since I’m not quite there now. She can be really challenging but usually, the more uncomfortable she makes me, the more I know in my gut that she’s right.

Today, I found this post, which led me to the Voluntary Human Extinctionist Movement. Basically, the idea is that humans need to choose to stop reproducing and go extinct peacefully and voluntarily (no mass-murder or mass-suicide!), or we’re going to end up exploding the planet (metaphorically), going extinct messily and painfully, and taking a whole lot of other species with us.

Now, I’ve never really intended to have biological children, but mostly for selfish reasons. My uterus and I don’t really get along; my periods tend to induce literally vomit-inducing pain, and I pay $50 a month (after insurance) for Lybrel so I never have to menstruate again. Since discomfort during menstruation is a good indicator of discomfort during pregnancy (or so I’ve heard), I discarded any vague plans to bear children years ago. However, until now, I’ve always been of the view that if my eventual wife wanted to bear children, or adopt, I’d be up for it. I’m tempted by the possibility to raise my own little feminists and then post their cute pearls of wisdom on the blog, a la Bitch Ph.D.

I’m still open to adoption, I guess, if it really matters to my wife, but I am resolving right now not to contribute any new children to the world. This also means I’ll never donate my eggs, even though I’m not using the damn things and I could use some money; I hate needles too much for the daily hormonal injections (plus, they sound like the opposite of BC in terms of soothing my angry uterus) so it wasn’t too likely anyway, but I’m not longer on the fence. The world does not need any new children, and I’m not going to help make any.

Maybe I will make a pretty good spinster aunt after all.


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