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This is a quickie, but hopefully you’ll forgive me because the Comics Curmudgeon is so funny that you can read the archives for days of near-constant giggles. I’ve been reading for a long time, but especially lately it’s been my go-to source for good laughs.

It used to be that the Daily Show could always guarantee a smile, but during the primaries I had to stop watching, as something about the coverage of Hillary Clinton combined with the severe underrepresentation of women on the staff (on-screen as well as writing backstage) made it much more hit-or-miss. That’s kind of a post for another day, though.

What I really want to tell you is that Josh Fruhlinger is funny, and in a consistently feminist-friendly way. He reads all the most terrible newspaper comics, and mocks them mercilessly (the title of the blog used to be “Josh Reads the Comics So You Won’t Have To), and he’s not at all shy about pointing out (in hilarious ways!) the misogyny that shows up in comics, though he doesn’t really use those words.

Today, for example, he brings us this strip:


It’s from Marvin, a (terrible!) comic strip about bizarrely-intelligent babies, and poop jokes. Josh has a number of choice things to say about this strip, but he concludes with the following:

And as a human being with a shred of decency, I am disgusted by the idea of a baby making her profile sexy, what the hell, this is monstrous beyond description.

It makes me giggle, and it’s a strong feminist statement on a topic that flies under the radar for most people!

He doesn’t identify as a feminist, as far as I know, but that doesn’t always matter; as smadin recently articulated, getting caught up in whether or not someone is A Feminist (or A Racist) tends to just distract from whether their words or actions are feminist (or racist). So, I don’t care if Josh is A Feminist– the Comics Curmudgeon has been a pretty feminist-friendly place, and if you enjoy laughing at things that are so bad they’re good, you might want to check it out.


One Response to The Comics Curmudgeon

  1. El Santo says:

    Very yes! In my book, the Comics Curmudgeon is one of the best blogs on the internet.

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