The people-making-pretty-good-points-in-unexpected-places blogaround!

At the top of our list, we have, which is usually the kind of place that I go to to find 7 Badass Animals Presidents Have Kept As Pets or 8 Everyday Words With X-Rated Origins. I don’t usually venture too far into the site, since, as previously noted about a bajillion times, humor is a tricky tightrope to walk and the more entitled white guys you put in a room, the less likely they are to actually be funny. HOWEVER, I actually found Hollywood’s 5 Saddest Attempts At Feminism to be absolutely spot-on. It looks at Eowyn, Padme Amidala, River Tam, Catwoman, and Elizabeth Swan, examines why people consider them feminist portrayals, and then points out what’s wrong with them. Absolutely adore those characters? I do too! (Well, except for Catwoman, maybe.) But do they have their flaws? Oh, yeah! And Cracked does a surprisingly good job of pointing them out sucintly and humorously. Go take a look!

Also in the realm of movies, The A.V. Club, which I usually hear about in sentences containing the words “sexist” and “assholes,” has an interesting article about female characters who have no purpose in life except making the male lead realize how great life is: Wild things: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls. I don’t know too much about the specific movies in question, but the general commentary seems spot-on: when ladies are just happy and cute and perfect all the time, and have no inner life unrelated to that of the protagonist, they’re not really characters anymore, they’re just woman-shaped plot devices.

Next up, Discover Magazine. Okay, maybe not everyone is as skeptical of basically all print and broadcast media the way I am, but I was still pleased to see this downright feminist piece: The Aggressive Egg. Basically it’s about how male scientists are big dumbos who tell stories about strong, manly sperm racing to get to the egg and forcefully penetrate it, when actually sperm can be kind of stupid, and the eggs have to choose and attract sperm, and then let them in. Cool! Well, except for the part where scientists are sometimes stupid-heads, but that’s okay, it’s not really their fault.


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