Life in a tiny box.

So, I’ve been living in a little one-bedroom apartment lately, and especially now that my life is calm enough that I have free time sometimes, it gets a touch lonely. I’m doing all sorts of silly things but I don’t really have people to tell them to– just tiny “how was your day”-type anecdotes, but I’m a very sharing sort of person.

So! For a little while, Gender Goggles is going to be updating TWICE a day! A proper post in the afternoon, followed by a “today in silliness” post in the late evening. If I don’t have any interesting anecdotes, I’ll just post something interesting I found on the internet.

All right. Let’s see how this goes!

Today my landlors finally fixed my smoke detector, thank GOD! The beeping (every 27 seconds) was driving me crazy. Now, quick! Tell me, is this the BEFORE picture, or the AFTER picture?


No peeking!

That’s right! It’s the AFTER picture!

What’s that? You thought it looked a little iffy to be an AFTER? That’s just because you didn’t see the BEFORE!


That’s how it looked when I moved back in after a week of camping out with my parents (my power was out due to a storm). My favorite part is the little red wire that doesn’t connect to anything! Isn’t it cute?

I’m pretty sure that if it’s not beeping, that means it’s working, so I finally feel safe cooking in here. But I think it’s only a matter of time before it falls out again. A rambunctious guest, a strong breeze… maybe if I play my music too loudly… it’s a delicate balance!


One Response to Life in a tiny box.

  1. Cloudthorn says:

    That’s fantastic! Aren’t landlords wonderful? One day I will take a picture of the terrifying black mould that grows in our bathroom due to lack of proper ventilation. Our landlord refuses to do anything about (at least, we take his failure to return any of our calls as refusal).

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