Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…Don’t Delay!

So, I saw someone refer to this over on Shakesville the other day… Obama to delay ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal.

To which I say: WHAT.

I repeat, WHAT.

You see, I formed my opinion of our dear prez’s position on DADT from this video:

“Is the new administration going to get rid of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy?”

“Thaddeus, you don’t hear a politician give a one-word answer much, but it’s ‘Yes.'”

To me, that meant, well, YES. It didn’t mean THIS:

President-elect Barack Obama will not move for months, and perhaps not until 2010, to ask Congress to end the military’s decades-old ban on open homosexuals in the ranks, two people who have advised the Obama transition team on this issue say.

… However, Mr. Obama first wants to confer with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his new political appointees at the Pentagon to reach a consensus and then present legislation to Congress, the advisers said.

(from the Washington Times article linked above; emphasis mine.)

I thought we already reached a consensus, Mister President? The consensus was YES. You said so yourself! And I was so proud of you, too, to actually support something progressive without apologizing for it and using right-wing framing to talk about it. “Yes!” you said, and “YES!” I said, and all was gaiety and light!

Except… not, apparently. It needs more “analysis” so he can “assess” what do do about it (actual words taken from other headlines on the issue!). He should be ready to start talking about it in late 2010.  Nearly two years from now. After all, it’s “not in the top five priorities of national issues.”



3 Responses to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…Don’t Delay!

  1. eloriane says:

    In mostly-unrelated news, whenever I see the acronym DADT, my first thought is that it’s “DADA,” or “Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

    So, there’s that.

  2. MomTFH says:

    Rrrrrrgh. I am getting rather sick of him selling out on the “controversial” issues that he won by a landslide supporting. Bush and other conservatives have never backed down from their partisan legislation because liberals would have a problem with it. It’s our turn, and we happen to be right.

  3. jackie2010 says:

    Yeah, I am disappointed with this as well. I suppose my working 25-30 hours/week for him last semester wasn’t good enough…grr.

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