25 Things You May Not Know About Me

So, I jumped on the “25 things” meme bandwagon a few days ago on Facebook (which is a million years in meme-time), and after I saw Sally Benz doing it at her blog, Jump Off The Bridge, followed by a New York Times article (!) I thought I’d post it here as well!

Some of the things are known to you guys (I’m gay, I blog, etc) but that’s because I was mostly writing the list for the newest pledges of my fraternity. That can be a replacement item for the ones you know! #26: I’m a brother in a co-ed fraternity.

Anyway, here’s the list:

1. I’m gay. Who am I kidding, you totally know that. Uh, I’ve dated three people, and they were all gay, too. Which means I have one ex-girlfriend and two gay ex-boyfriends.

2. I’m majoring in Arabic. Do people know this? I don’t know! I get a lot of comments on it.

3. I blog. Every single day (mostly), I or my co-blogger will get something posted at our site, Gender Goggles.

4. I don’t shave. It’s cold now so I’m mostly wearing pants and long sleeves, but when I bust out my frilly summer dresses again, my luscious locks will flow in the breeze. Everywhere.

5. I can read mirrored text, as well as upside down, sideways, and just about any other method that trivia games try to use to obscure the answers. I’m not trying to cheat; I do it by accident. My brain just really likes to read things.

6. I make movies. I plan to go to grad school in film. I haven’t done anything with a proper budget yet, but I have a lot of stuff up on youtube.

7. I’m afraid of spiders. No, really, I am TERRIFIED. Seeing something I suspect to be a spider will leave me on edge for days. DO NOT bring spiders or spider-like objects into my presence as a “joke.” It is NOT FUNNY. I WILL cry.

8. I fall down. Kind of a lot. Sometimes it’s falling down stairs or whatever, but mostly I just fall. This is because…

9. My ankles are double-jointed. Or at least they bewilder physical therapists. When I was younger, and hadn’t yet made the connection between abusing my ankles’ powers and then falling a lot, I could stand on my ankles. I’d twist my foot to the side– either direction– so that only my ankles were in contact with the ground.

10. I’m technically supposed to wear leg braces. Big ones that go all the way up to my knees, one on each leg. An overzealous doctor gave them to me when I was younger. However, they cause excruciating pain, so I never wear them.

11. I named my parents’ multi-million-dollar company. After my made up Sailor Moon character, Sailor Veatros. My parents liked it because it sounded OK, didn’t mean anything in any language, and wasn’t already taken.

12. I studied Latin for six years in high school. I even made a documentary about the Aeneid! (It’s on youtube.) I can still read Latin fairly well, probably, but it’s been a while.

13. Once, I believed I could teleport. Not as an ongoing, conscious belief, but subconsciously; I entered a classroom one day, thought really hard in the direction of the back wall, and was momentarily confused as to why I hadn’t teleported to the other end. It only happened that once, but man was I angry to have to walk! This is probably because…

14. I read a LOT of science fiction. Especially old stuff. It sort of seeps into my subconscious and raises my expectations ludicrously high– when I first heard of the iPhone, I was annoyed that it didn’t have video chat. My conscious mind prevails eventually, though, never fear!

15. I had a graduating class of 18 students at my ludicrously tiny high school. And yet, I was one of THREE valedictorians! Supposedly, we had the same GPA down to three decimal places. Over six years. And totally different class schedules. I do not believe this.

16. I can’t do basic arithmetic in my head. When I started taking algebra, I noticed that I’d get everything right except that I’d add 10 and 36 and get 16. To spare my grade, I started doing all my arithmetic on the calculator. Which means that now I’m pretty good at calculus, but can only multiply numbers in my head if one of them is “1.”

17. I think aliens exist. Probably. Somewhere out there. Or they did, or they will. I don’t think humanity will ever bump into them, though, and I don’t think our brains could figure them out if we did.

18. I don’t watch television. I occasionally watch television shows, but only on DVD, or, if I must, pre-recorded; this means I almost never see commercials.

19. I am incapable of not watching a television if it’s on. Maybe I just don’t have enough practice, but if I see a television turned on, my brain instantly switches to “pay really close attention to this” mode. I can’t tune it out! So if we’re talking with a TV in the background, and I’m being really spacey and not holding up my end of the conversation at all, don’t worry; it’s not you, it’s me.

20. I can’t use Xbox controllers. My hands are small and I can’t figure out how to have all the buttons in easy access at once. Plus, moving my character separately from the camera? Madness!

21. So, I am a “back seat gamer,” and my brothers play for me. I tell them what to do, and they… try to see if they can destroy the scenery, usually. It’s like using voice commands! Except… well, actually, their “obedience” reflects most voice-command-operated systems pretty well. We get there eventually, though!

22. My handwriting used to be better with my left hand than with my right. I broke my right hand right as we were learning to write in school, and since I’m ambidextrous anyway they just taught me to write with my left. Except THEN they made me learn again with my right; I cheated when I could, because I’d gotten used to the left, but eventually I switched. I was better (but slower) with my left hand until halfway through high school.

23. I used to collect Beanie Babies. Back before it was COOL! Then one year, I gave everyone I knew a Beanie Baby for Christmas. No, really, everybody. And that just got me down to my 50 favorites.

24. I like Yoko Ono. I saw some of her work at the Vancouver Art Gallery recently and I was really impressed. She totally did NOT break up the Beatles!

25. I’m an atheist. Maybe people know this? I’m not sure. I identified as agnostic for a long time, but yeah, I just don’t buy it. I believe in honor, and try an honorable way to act in all things. I don’t always do so well, but I try.

So there we go! Now it’s your turn! 😀


12 Responses to 25 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I think it’s AWESOME that you are majoring in Arabic AND that you don’t shave! Good for you! 🙂

    Hey, I make movies too! Totally cool — I didn’t know you did… I’ll have to check out your youtube stuff! 🙂

    Your fellow atheist reader… 🙂

  2. LOL your #4. Mostly because my number 4 says the same thing, but with fewer words. I also did your #s 24 and 25, but not on those numbers. So not a complete mind-meld, but close.

    Here’s a link to mine. Also, my kitteh!

  3. I have been buggering up HTML badly today – try this: http://niemaodpowiedzi.livejournal.com/8900.html

  4. eloriane says:

    Just a note– I’ve edited the post to take out the info directing you to my youtube account, because my youtube videos are posted under my full name, and I don’t wish to connect my name to this pseudonym. (It’s a really rare last name and we’ve been getting trolls lately… I don’t feel safe.) Sorry!

    Tina, what kinds of movies do you make? Do you have any up on youtube?

    niemaopowiedzi, I’m going to have to geek out over your list on your blog, there’s too much to do here. Short version: Eponine!

  5. […] a 25 things meme floating around. It’s all over Facebook; frau sally benz at JotB and eloriane at Gender Goggles have both done it. I think I’ll make mine longer than 25 and split it into stages, which is […]

  6. Chally says:

    You’ve got some unusual facts, eloriane. Here’s mine.

  7. jackie2010 says:

    Refer to my 25 things on facebook (its in my back notes), glad to know all of these things about you!

  8. Satsuma says:

    Since we live in a world where most people know little to nothing about any of us, this Facebook rage is a bit perplexing.

  9. WOOT! I love meme-spreading!

    These lists fascinate me… Props to you on not shaving! The mirrored text thing, oddly enough, I do too?? I never realized this was at all uncommon until people started reacting in confusion when I would read things they could not. Weird.

    WTF on your ankles! I’m so creeped out… but in a fascinated way. *runs and hides under the bed* *lifts bedskirt to watch*

  10. Eng says:

    Really? I think that because it is such a world, memes like this are a natural attempt to get to know other people in the least awkward way possible – by volunteering information in such a way that interested people can read it but it isn’t forced upon them.

    Anyway. Great to learn more about you – I’ll send you mine when I’m done, I suppose. 25 is…a surprisingly large amount of information.

  11. eloriane says:

    I also think it’s valuable because often people list things that you would never think to ask about otherwise. I mean, a lot of these were pretty obvious, or would be to people who met me in person, but that’s because I was aiming it towards the new pledges who hadn’t met me yet. Others, though, I doubt even my parents would know to ask about– the teleportation thing, for example. That’s the sort of weird story that would never come up on its own, but which can lead to good conversations afterward about living in a sci fi world but still reading a ton of sci fi.

    The beanie babies, too, probably never would have come up on their own with my friends, for example, but because I mentioned them I’ve had conversations with two or three other people who were also into beanie babies.

    It’s good bonding, with the plus that it’s opt-in, so that if there isn’t that spark, you don’t have to face an awkward silence, so people are more open.

    It’s not a substitute for a “real” relationship, I guess, but I’ve never defined “real” to mean “not on the internet.” And I’d never mistake a single conversation– online or in person– as a “substitute” for a “real” relationship. So in my mind, it’s just a cool way to get to know more about people.

  12. […] had suggested I also jump on the meme bandwagon and give you my own list of 25 Things.  As I think this hopefully maybe won’t trigger my writer’s block too badly (who […]

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