Quoth Stephen King: “Twilight” author “can’t write.”

This just kind of made me laugh. Not necessarily the content (though I agree wholeheartedly), but the over-the-top “journalism.”

Stephen King’s opinion may drive a stake through the heart of “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer.

Oh ho ho! Get it? It’s because she writes about vampires! And “driving a stake through the heart” is a phrase we use as a synonym for “breaking the heart” in… no situations!

But it gets better:

According to Stephen, “Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people… The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.”


Oh yeah. Stephen King/ Stephenie Meyer CATFIGHT! Meeooww! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

(In my head the Meeooww! sounds like the Wilhem Scream. Meeooww!)

Actually, leaving aside the ridiculousness for a moment, it’s interesting that the author went with the “Meeooww!” since the “catfight” framing is usually used when two professional women in the same field are “fighting.” It’s part of how women, and women’s emotions are trivialized– genuine anger is blown off with stupid jokes like, “oh, the claws are coming out! hiss!” It also plays into tokenism in the sense that any two women in remotely similar fields are thought of as “competing,” and perfectly professional, polite disagreements (even slight ones) will get the similar “ooh, catfight!” response, playing into the idea that one woman in the department is enough, or that there are “good reasons” that there are only a few.

I’m honestly curious as to why the author chose to take that framing and apply it to a situation outside that frame.  I suppose there are two women involved (J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer); neither of the women in question has said a word, but that doesn’t generally preclude people from imagining in a “catfight.”

(Putting on my misogyny hat…)

Maybe it’s because Stephen King is a girl! Meeooww!


2 Responses to Quoth Stephen King: “Twilight” author “can’t write.”

  1. LMFAO! Oh crap, I have no idea why, but this post if simply hilarious. I think it’s all the meowing…

    (can you tell I’m trying to catch up with my google reader??)

  2. eloriane says:

    Oh man, I am so glad someone else thought it was funny! I was totally cracking up the whole time I was writing it, but I also just kept thinking,

    “Everybody’s going to think this is so weird, nobody’s going to laugh… who cares? Meeooww!

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