“Oasis” music video and conversations about abortion

Regarding the “Oasis” controversy (explained in full at Shakesville), I wanted to point out something awesome but off-topic that I’ve noticed about the music video.

Pay attention to the abortion scene–

Isn’t that just a huge crowd of people around her? She’s got the nurses and the doctor, and her friend, and her boyfriend, and in the background the guy who raped her, and all the Christians marching around… they barely fit in one shot together!

I thought it was a really telling representation of the current discourse around abortion, which is to say, a ton of people’s opinions are involved in abortions that have nothing to do with them. Our lovely liberal president says, “historically I have been a strong believer in a woman’s right to choose with her doctor, her pastor and her family” (emphasis mine). People who aren’t (theoretically) pro-choice add a whole host of other decision-makers, including the fetus, God, and the angry protesters themselves. If you tried to put them all in the room when the abortion was taking place, it would be crowded!

So when I saw the video, I thought, “Let the poor woman breathe! It’s her decision– the rest of you are irrelevant!” I’m not sure if the video was trying to make that particular point, but it’s awesome nonetheless.


5 Responses to “Oasis” music video and conversations about abortion

  1. ourboy says:

    Well, the woman in the video makes at least 1/2 the people in the room with her relevant ‘cuz she dragged them in there with her.

  2. Satsuma says:

    My first reaction to this video was its cuteness — something that I would never have associated with abortion years ago, but it is a true sign of 21st century attitudes.

    Abortion is about the woman who is pregnant, and really has nothing to do with anyone else. I think men like to think that women should be talking to their doctor, pastor etc., and this is patriarchy.
    The idea that women have to “consult’ experts about a matter that will only affect them. Oy

  3. ourboy says:

    Shouldn’t a woman ask a doc about a medical procedure? What if her doc is a woman?

  4. eloriane says:

    Well, she brought her friend Melissa and her boyfriend. But she didn’t bring any of the others.

  5. eloriane says:

    Gah, we’ve got a weird time-warp going on with the way your comments have to go through moderation…

    Anyway, yeah, all medical procedures need to be talked over with a doctor. But while the doctor (whose gender is totally irrelevant) might make suggestions along the lines of “you probably want this kind of procedure because you have low blood pressure,” it’s NOT the doctor’s place to suggest for or against the abortion itself, even if the abortion is motivated by such things as genetic defects/ disabilities detected in the fetus.

    In other words, it’s none of the doctor’s business whether or not the woman gets an abortion; the doctor’s role is entirely to provide information about the specifics of the procedure.

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