MememeMemes (25 Things You Don’t Know About Me)

Hello all! I feel like I’ve been away forever. I apologize for my absence but sometimes life and writer’s block gets in the way of blogging. Especially the writer’s block. Oof. I’m actually at home with some kind of bronchitis thing that’s been kicking my butt all week so I apologize ahead of time for wonky grammar and fuzzy thinking. Yay blogging while feverish! w00t

Eloriane had suggested I also jump on the meme bandwagon and give you my own list of 25 Things.  As I think this hopefully maybe won’t trigger my writer’s block too badly (who doesn’t want to talk about themselves??) I’m jumping away. I’ve never actually done something like this before and I fear I may struggle with it. My dear old sister/cousin-like friend, Clueless, sends me these little emails with memes like this every once and a while and now I’m doing it here, instead of in response to her! 😦 Sorry Cl! (I don’t like calling you Clueless! cuz yer not– you have at least a couple of them lying about :-p). Ok blogging while sick makes it hard to focus. Where was I? Oh yeah!

  1. I was born on a Danish pig farm, with only my mom (natch) and my dad to help her. The doctor had come the evening before to assist my mother but ended up leaving because the contractions had stopped. They started up again around dawn and in a rush I was born.
  2. I am perennially late for everything (see No. 1). By about 10-15 minutes. Always. You can practically set your clock by it. If you want me to show up at 6:30, tell me to be there at 6. I try and try to be on time, I really do! I don’t want people to have to wait for me. I get stressed out almost every time too, because it happens all the time. I just don’t have a good sense of time. Showjumping would be problematic for me heeh.
  3. I used to pretend that I was an adopted Cherokee. My pale, red-haired sister and I used to say that to all the kids when I was small. Despite being Danish-born I tan really dark and was always believed – maybe even more so because of the long braids my mom always put me in? In fact, when I was 12 and horseback riding like crazy (so outside all the time and deeply tanned), I told a friend this story and her head whipped around and she stared at me. “You mean you’re not an Indian??”  Which makes for interesting thoughts about why the kids in school treated me the way they did (I wasn’t popular).
  4. Like eloriane, I don’t shave. Well, much. Sometimes. When I’m not tanned I’m quite fair so my dark hair really really shows. And I’m really hairy! Really. Not you-have-to-lean-in-and-squint-to-see hairy, but hairy. Like, hairier than my male friends. So in the summer time I sometimes shave my calves (my thighs are not so bad). I am not brave enough 😦 Sometimes I’ll shave my armpit hair, because the hair is quite long and it’s sometimes hard to not always feel sweaty :-/ TMI?? Wev, kittens!
  5. I used to have a great big mohawk. More goth than hardcore, but still. This was back in the 80s in my wee town. Where you would ask the DJ to play old David Bowie and he’s spin Let’s Dance. Where my classmates referred to Duran Duran as “that punk shit.” O.o During that time I also literally couldn’t walk a few blocks without having people yell at me from passing cars, or even throw things. After a time I developed an allergy to hair dye and I stopped “dressing so crazy.” Am I a sell-out? Maybe. But in stealth ways I’m more radical than I was then. (I still kind of want that mohawk back but with my current job this is a lot harder to pull off!)
  6. I used to be a hard-core Duranie. This was before the mohawk!
  7. I have a BA in archaeology with a Minor in Women’s Studies. I think I mentioned this in my introductory post? My university was also one of the first in Canada to have a Women’s Studies department, and it’s still called Women’s Studies, not Gender Studies, thankyouverymuch. (there’s also a separate Gender Studies department). The main administration building is named after a second wave feminist that went there :-D.
  8. While being all sciency-brainy, I’m also rather spiritual and have been calling myself a witch since about 1986. Since I heard about Wicca. I had this “oh that’s what you call it!” feeling when I first heard about it. I mostly see it as an anthropomorphic personification of an abstract awareness of the universe. Sometimes, though, I feel a presence. It might just be Life. If that makes any sense. Apart from Michfest, I don’t do any ritual any more though. I’m kind of a non-practicing witch. A lapsed witch? Science-brain has taken over!
  9. Not entirely. I can sometimes see ghosts. I think. I can feel people about, sometimes, you know? Out of the corner of my eye, just past my peripheral vision. I should tell you my ghost stories 😀
  10. I go to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival every year. EVERY year. I need it like food, like being able to breathe free, like getting grounded, like coming home. Plus, thousands of lesbians, camping, and music! This subject deserves an entire post – which is something I’ve been meaning to do. And I will.
  11. While not double-jointed like eloriane, I do wear leg braces at night. So sexy! This is because of a persistent case of plantar fasciitis that won’t go away. As they often don’t. I’m not sure what the originating cause may be – my foot doctor thought it could be located in my hips. I have yet to follow up on his guess and find out for sure.
  12. I’m claustrophobic. I’d love to go caving but I think it would freak me out.
  13. I can practically never fill out those personality tests because I always want an option that isn’t there. Yeah, yeah, just pick what ever’s closest, people say. But what if they’re all close? What if my answer really is 1/2 of one and 1/2 of the other? Bah! I hate them!
  14. I think I have a touch of OCD. Well, maybe just Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies, rather than Disorder? I have to check locked doors at least twice, usually three times. Always. I spend half my time at solitaire straightening out the cards so they all line up. This can sometimes lead into collections. My collections aren’t weird – I just want all of the thing I’m interested in. And all of the versions. I want it complete. I’m still bothered that I’m missing some issues of Sandman for example. I want them all, so it’s all …. together. Contained. Complete. This tendency kind of leads into Number 15.
  15. The pack-rat is my totem animal. Though I am in recovery. This pack-rat tendency does not go well with my desire for order. I’ve had nightmares of messy houses. Well, that also ties into Number 16.
  16. My thyroid is out of wack and I spent several years being too sick to work (or clean up!). So, pack-rat tendencies plus illness equals mess. Plus obsessive-compulsive tendencies equals stress. The connection between mess and illness might be a big part of the source of my messy-house nightmares.
  17. I have, through-out my life, had dreams of moving to England. Not day-dreams, but actual dreams. And it’s always about moving there. Not living there, but the process of moving. They are usually really vivid too. I should, uh, go back! (I’ve been there once, for a week).
  18. I often have architectural dreams. I dream about houses, usually the same small collection of houses, often based loosely on houses I’ve been in. There is almost always a hidden room and I’m either discovering it or struggling to find it. THIS MUST MEAN SOMETHING. I’m not sure what. There must be something I’ve been hiding. Is it in the closet? Yeah, maybe.
  19. I had constant nightmares for the first 30 years of my life. Mostly of wars, or fires. Often of falling to my death.
  20. I am a little obsessed with the First World War. Maybe in part because of Number 19? Maybe haunted is a better word. Also, Great War archaeology! Mmmmm.
  21. I used to think I was psychically connected to my first cat. She felt like my familiar. (this was before major science-brain, natch)
  22. I’ve been in several plays, and used to want to act professionally. I’m also quite good at it. But, ugh, the sexism of Hollywood! I’m not skinny, and I would never ever EVER do nudity. I would not get much work, I think. Though maybe I would have if I moved to England because more of their actors look like regular people. Hmm. (thinks back on dreams)
  23. I put a ton of sugar and cream in my coffee. I like it strong and sweet. A lot of sugar. Like, 5 teaspoons for a 12 oz mug. Otherwise, coffee is too bitter!
  24. I never finished highschool. Left due to depression. Went to university as an adult student, and got my degree at 40. Now I just need that MA…
  25. I hate, and I meant HATE being tickled. Especially that kind of “tickling” where someone comes up behind and grabs your kidneys and tickles you. Ahhhh! hatehatehatehate! My heart rate elevates just thinking about it. I HATE IT. I’ve been known to spin around and yell DON’T FUCKING DO THAT EVER! Even when it was my best friend who did it. I am sorely tempted to fucking punch people when they do it. HATE IT. I don’t really mind the subtle kind of foot-tickling, however, if I’m in the mood, but this might be largely because my feet aren’t very ticklish.

Well, looky here. I thought I’d have a hell of a time thinking of 25 things that weren’t boring. (HA! Maybe this is boring) but I think I could go on. 😀 (always so much fun to talk about ourselves, isn’t it!)

I think this is my first meme bandwagon! *sniff*


6 Responses to MememeMemes (25 Things You Don’t Know About Me)

  1. Satsuma says:

    Crow foot, you made me smile with the “it’s still called the women’s studies department thankyouverymuch– not gender studies, blender studies to quote Mary Daly. Every other university out there doing everything in its power to erase WOMEN from the title of anything it seems. “Oh but mankind includes women!”

    Loved the 25 things!!!

    • Crowfoot says:

      heeh 😀 I thought you might like that! Yeah my university had thankfully not succumbed to that trend. I have no problem with Gender Studies, per se, but Maude, don’t change Women’s Studies! Heh, Blender Studies. No doubt. Can’t have those girls getting a department all to themselves!!

  2. eloriane says:



    Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Patriarchy hurts men too, but primarily in ways that stem directly from the declaration that women are less-than; gender is an interesting and worthy subject of study, but so are women!

    Also, it’s fascinating to learn so much about you! I feel a little bad for not knowing most of this… we’ll have to chat more on AIM!

  3. Satsuma says:

    Gender indeed is an excellent course of study and real life experience. I don’t think patriarchy hurts the “kings” very much, I believe it is the violence of male aggression itself. Why do we have large urban police forces? Not because of gangs of dangerous killer women roaming the streets, no we fear the teenage rapist boys, the armed men, the menacing lurking men.

    The problem is with men and their violence, and it is up to men to put a stop to prostitution, sex trafficking and spouse abuse. You don’t see thousands of men running to “men’s shelters” because wives are beating them senseless, for example. This argument that patriarchy harms men too is a little suspect, more of an excuse for men NOT to do anything about other men. I’d like to see men get rid of pornorgraphy (also known as woman’s hate literature).

    I believe we have the very best ideas when women have their own spaces in the academy to form their own worldview. After, we’ve had men’s studies for centuries (they usually call it history), and I wouldn’t want women to lose any ground whatsoever in the “woman erasing word gender.” Remember, he is not generic for human.

  4. eloriane says:

    The key thing I think is that patriarchy hurts women much more literally than it hurts men. Men’s self-expression is limited by the cult of masculinity. Women are beaten, raped, and killed in enormous numbers because of the cult of masculinity. It’s like that anecdote– a survey was taken, asking men what they feared most from women, and the men answered “that they will laugh at us.” The same question asked of women was answered, “that they will kill us.”

    It’s the patriarchy’s fault that men think being laughed at by a woman would be an unbearable fate, and it’s sad that they are limited by their fear of seeming weak or feminine. But it’s also patriarchy’s fault that women fear men’s violence, and that’s not just “sad,” it is a travesty.

  5. Satsuma says:

    Eloriane, I don’t believe patrirachy hurts men at all. I think they love it just as it is, otherwise they would end it. And since I rarely if ever hear male outrage over this state of affairs — I do mean this, I NEVER hear men getting angry at rape as a terrorist tactic, and I NEVER hear men going ballistic over pornography, I assume that they think all of this is just fine.

    The guys in my office could care less about a blatantly sexist corporate structure– not one word of protest when we have a conference with NO women presenters, for example. No, I have to bring this stuff up all the time.

    So no, I don’t believe that falsity that patriarchy hurts men, or that men suffer at all. Until men fear being raped and battered and molested every day of their lives, and until they fear even leaving their own homes at night, well, I just have no sympathy.

    What’s amazing is that we haven’t had a worldwide women’s revolution to overthrow the oppressors. The peacefulness of women just is taken for granted, we have to create national holidays for the non-violent men out there I guess.
    You know, men behave, they just have to have a statue put up to commemorate this.

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