Women’s Music: Down the Lees

I got the following email a while ago, and accidentally left it withering in my inbox for a month! But now I am sharing it with you:

Hey Eloriane,

I’m a queero from Vancouver, BC that has just released a new album and I thought maybe you would want to listen to some tunes. I have some free mp3’s on my website. Here’s a little synopsis:


A veteran of the Vancouver music scene, Laura Lee (LL) Schultz gained a plethora of experience playing in bands such as NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, the SKINJOBS, SINGLESEVEN and QUEAZY. Having a career that sparked in the early ‘90s gave LL the opportunity to play with bands such as The Rose Chronicles, Propagandhi, Minus the Bear, Pansy Division and Xui Xui . Being involved with and having 4 full length albums under her belt, LL welcomes the extra notch with Down the Lees’ The Guest Room. The new album was engineered and produced by LL in her home studio, Off White House Studios, in the summer of 2008. Drums and additional bits here and there were recorded by Shawn Penner (Hot Hot Heat, Mother Mother) and boasts performances from members of Portico, Wintermitts and New Years Resolution. Songs roam from full on rock out epics ‘The Lullaby’ to acoustic ditties about love ‘On a Lie’ to poppy regretful friendships in ‘Talk is Not Cheap’.

– On the launch date the track ‘Alone on a Thursday’ was featured as track of the day on CBC Radio 3

– The Guest Room has been added to numerous radio stations across Canada and continues to have regular rotation on CBC 3 Radio 3

– The album can be purchased at many various online retailers, including Chapters and HMV

Here are a couple links for you to grab high res photos, mp3’s and a one sheet….if you want 😉


www.downthelees.com/music.html (mp3 downloads)



Her music didn’t really inspire any critiques, but Crowfoot and I certainly liked it and we thought a self-proclaimed queero (and a butchy one at that!) deserved a bit of promotion, especially since she’s not likely to be too popular with the big recording studios etc. (boo on them!) Also, one of her songs is called “Jekyl Hearts Hyde,” which is awesome.

So, there you go! Check out her music; you may like it. And LauraLee, we’re wishing you the best of luck.


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