Women’s Music: Nedra Johnson Edition

I’ve been wanting to share one of my favourite Michfest wimmin musicians with y’all: Nedra Johnson! While I’m not usually very much into this style of music, I find I just love her stuff. She has a number of pieces that I really love, particularly “Ahha (It’s A Good Thing).” Sadly I can’t find any good quality videos on youtube so please go to her site and give her stuff a listen. But, just to peak your interest, here’s a reeeealllly shitty tape of her live (heh). Now GO to her website and listen to a good version! heeh πŸ˜€


2 Responses to Women’s Music: Nedra Johnson Edition

  1. Wow! That’s, to borrow a phrase from Eccleston’s Doctor, fantastic! Mostly bluesy and jazzy, with some R&B thrown in for good measure. πŸ™‚ I do usually like things in those individual genres, but I don’t often seek it out (there’s a great radio station broadcasting near me (Pacifica) that plays a lot of stuff like this, but it’s hard to predict when it’ll come on). And excellent lyrics, as well. I’m seriously geeking out over the cornet in “New Boy Blues” right now.

    And now I really want to rearrange my life to go to Michfest. I may not make it this year, but the seed has been planted…

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