The oh-god-I-hate-the-flu blogaround!

Here are some things that have been sitting in my RSS feed reader unread because my I am so ill even my brain aches! I have skimmed them, and declare them to be time-worthy! Read them, and be enlightened! Apparently, a little-known symptom of the flu is over-use of exclamation marks!


Anyway, here you go!

From Shakesville, That’s Entertainment! I saw this a while ago and was going to blog it, but somehow life kept getting in the way.

From Sociologial Images, Racism in Identity Theft Advertising.

Two quick hits from reaching the shore: Tell it WOC Speak: Hear Us Roar and A Day in the Life od Abbey Road.

From Bitch, Ph.D., Cover your ears, boys.

From The Hathor Legacy, Worst Commercials of the Week and Asian Women Blog Carnival. Also from Hathor: this review of Coraline, which I refuse to read until I see the movie. Any day now! I’ll have the time! I will!

From Women & Hollywood, Glenn Close on Women & Power.

Also, if you know of more blogs that I ought to be following, my goal is to subscribe to 75 blogs via RSS… I’ll never go hungry (for blogs) again!


One Response to The oh-god-I-hate-the-flu blogaround!

  1. A rather lot of my blogs are from your sidebar, but there’s bound to be some on here that you don’t already know!

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