Sad puppy blogging

I have work I need to get done today (even though the fluuu is still totally kicking my butt) so I put my dog on the floor (as opposed to on my lap.) She was displeased. I have finally gotten her to stop scratching at my legs… by doing this:


Yes, that is one of my pillows. And my baby blankets. But isn’t she just sooo adorable??

I finally got her to stop distracting me, but now I’m totally distracted by my old pictures of her… after the cut, the best of “my dog: looking a little pathetic!”


She always does this when I am about to leave on a trip, she climbs into my suitcase and messes the whole thing up so I have to pack again. So far it has not proved to be enough of a deterrent to keep me home, but hey, a dog can hope, right?


This one's just cute. I think I had just woken her up from a nap.


Usually she doesn't object to having stuff put on top of her (she just pretends it's not there) but this bow really confused her, poor thing.


When I'm taking too long to get ready for bed, she just stares at me. So sad.


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