It’s official: I’ve gotten complacent

Hello to all the lovely folks coming our way from Shakesville (times two!) And from When Fangirls Attack! And from Lesbian.Pro! Once, there was a day when I would have duly freaked out over the traffic from any one of these links, and frantically compiled “best of” posts and linked my old critiques to each other and written 2000-word posts in order to best welcome you and showcase our bloggy goodness! However, those days are no more, for my stats now look like this:


Yes, it is true– when we first broke the 200-visitor mark, I sincerely thought it was a one-time-only deal, and yet, we have maintained this traffic for over a week! And the amazing links just keep pouring in! I feel like we have Been Discovered. Soon, those measly 75-to-100-visitors stats will progress off my chart entirely, and then the complacency shall truly be in place.

In the mean time, hello! I am still really excited about you! I’m just a little less freaked out about the State Of The Blog, and also still running a fever, so I hope you don’t mind if I leave off the desperate visitor-ensnaring remodels this time around. Please stick around anyway! Use the tag cloud to find old posts on topics that interest you– we have lots, and they’re pretty cool! Also, please comment– we love hearing your thoughts, and there’s no lurking requirement here; this is meant to be a teaching blog. Maybe feminism 201. Even if you don’t think you have much to add, we like to know you’re there! All more-than-200 of you!


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