The “I was happier before I heard of these people” blogaround!

Just in case you still had some faith in humanity.

Robert Anton Wilson – Writer, Woman Hater, from one of the most recently added blogs on my RSS feed, Screaming into the Void.

Whom I am unhappy to meet: Robert Anton Wilson.


These are the women in RAW’s “masterpiece”.  A young woman rescued from prostitution by an old man and who now shows her appreciation by being sexually ready for him at all times; the girlfriend of a counter-culture hero who talks only about how wonderfully he’s expanded her horizons by having sex with her; a whore who is portrayed as a bitter, sullen victim; wives of important men who are either boring or ugly and can’t even get them aroused enough to have sex; “skilled” prostitutes who can make world leaders have orgasms in a fairly short amount of time; a woman of color who loves a white man and feels lucky to have been “chosen” by him from her lowly position in the world even as she feels sorry for the burdens he carries by virtue of being a white man; a clueless, ignorant schoolteacher keeping down a deserving young white man; a repressed, frigid right-wing woman who surely would relax her politics if any man was bold enough to properly rape her into an orgasm; a cool, radical woman who aligns herself with the counter culture and who therefore (of course!) wants sex so much she practically FORCES it on young men around her; a repressed librarian; a woman who doesn’t even speak, being used merely as a sexual tool by satanists; and a dark-skinned woman who explains things to the poor ignorant white male lover, only to end up with her throat slit to help advance the plot.

Wow! Truly, “[w]ith all the passion of a religious crusader, Robert Anton Wilson is out to destroy all personal belief systems, to force every one of his readers to seriously question any and all thoughts they hold dear.”

Weekly Short Story Report: “A&P,” John Updike, from the ever-hilarious (and brilliant!) Sady at Tiger Beatdown.

Whom I am unhappy to meet: John Updike.


[An older woman] isn’t the last woman the narrator will denigrate over the course of “A&P”: in fact, every single woman in the story, including the bikini girls, will come under fire. Those three [bikini girls], however, exist in a different space: the inevitable criticism balanced with worshipfully purple prose about their bodies. They are desired and therefore spared, more or less. However, in order to praise them, Updike has to present each and every other woman in his fictional universe as inherently undesirable, ugly, and bad. He praises certain women as exceptional in order to degrade women as a gender, or maybe it’s the other way around; either way, it’s a narrative technique that Updike used over and over again in his work. And the women he praises at first usually turn out to be the most dangerous and terrible of all, as we shall see here, in due time.

Tiger Beatdown also has a number of other unpleasant people to meet, here and here (and elsewhere– she’s good at them!). Enjoy?

“Sex therapist” to women: Just close your eyes and think of England, from everyone’s favourite spinster aunt over at I Blame the Patriarchy!

Whom I am unhappy to meet: “sex therapist” Bettina Arndt.


“The notion that women have to want sex to enjoy it has been a really misguided idea that has caused havoc in relationships over the last 40 years.”

Yes. That is what she said.

Aaand my homework is calling me, folks. Everything I missed during my flu-incapacitated days, and more! How fun.

Do you know any other “good” people to introduce us to? Please, share your links in the comments!


5 Responses to The “I was happier before I heard of these people” blogaround!

  1. Oh, sweet baby Jesus! Wilson sounds like a more sexist Ayn Rand, and I didn’t know that was fucking possible! Also, I somehow feel that all this havoc wreaked in relationships was already there before teh wimminz dared to reject sex that wouldn’t be for mutual pleasure. But you know, it’s still the woman’s fault for not being a blow-up doll.

    Spencer Eig is pretty high on my list of “people I really wish weren’t on my radar” right now:

    Miranda Devine fails to live up to her name:

  2. Secant says:

    Augh. Robert Anton Wilson is every bit as awful that makes him sound. A friend eagerly forced Illuminatus! into my hands in high school. It reads sort of like watching the entire psychadelic movement in fast-forward, which makes some parts of it sound novel if you’re fifteen, all of that is drowned in pointless exploitative sex scenes. It’s kind of mind-boggling that someone could spend decades considering himself the most free-thinkingest guru ever to lift ideas from Timothy Leary and still never even have an inkling that a woman might want to do something with her life besides pleasure men sexually.

    (I haven’t got any links to share today- I just wanted to post something because I’ve been lurking for a while and I like your blog. And because I wanted to thank you- so much!- for getting me to read Punch an’ Pie, with which I am now completely in love.)

    • Crowfoot says:

      I’m also sharing in the RAW-loathing. I tried to read the Illuminati trilogy because I thought the idea was fun – take all of the conspiracy theories you can think of and mix them into one! I remember coming across an Illuminati song, sung to the tune of Eleanor Rigby:

      lluminati . . .
      They put a thing made of tinfoil on top of my door . . .
      What is it for?
      Illuminati . . .
      Shooting a ray at my cornflakes to make them turn green . . .
      What does it mean?
      The Illuminati . . . They’re watching me, I know.
      The Illuminati . . . They’re everywhere I go.

      😀 funny! But dear god, when I tried to read the book! I couldn’t get past the first chapter, or even the first few pages if I remember correctly. Honestly, it came off like I was reading a letter to the Penthouse Forum. Bleh. (and yes, sadly, in my patriarchy-tinted sunglassed youth I did read the occasional letter to Penthouse. then I woke up.)

      More sexist than Ayn Rand?? ZOMG


      *goes off to read links*

  3. Sady says:

    OH HAI! I just saw this, through the magic of Flu. But thank you for the linking time.

    Oh, and Robert Anton Wilson. SERIOUSLY. I read that business when I was 15, and knew precisely two things about feminism, and was wrong about the two things I knew, and I can STILL recall thinking, “wow, I think this might be really sexist; also, kind of racist?” and getting angry about it. I can’t even imagine looking at his shit now. I think my head would explode.

  4. eloriane says:

    But Sady! “His book Prometheus Rising melded model agnosticism to Leary’s 8-circuit model of the brain to create a system that taught people how to deconstruct dogmatic personal belief systems!” Why would it have any connection to the oldest dogmatic belief system in the world, i.e., patriarchy?

    Also, niemaodpowiedzi, thanks for the links! They were, um… well, they were depressing. But there were supposed to be!

    And Secant, I love your description of RAW. A hearty welcome to the blog! It’s good to hear from you even if you don’t have super-depressing links to share– I hope we’ll be seeing more of you in the future!

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