Birth control everywhere!

I was looking in my glove compartment for my car cellphone charger before I drove in to school today, and in with the Advil and cellphone wires and DS wires and batteries and extra headphones (I’m that kind of person), I found a case of my birth control. Which means I have been storing my birth control in five places– in my glove compartment, in my apartment, in the “pills” drawer in my parents’ kitchen, in my sock drawer in my room in my parents’ house, plus several extras in my purse. In other words: hello, privilege!

I take Lybrel birth control, which has absolutely no “placeholder” pills, ever, which means I not only don’t ovulate (something that is true for all hormonal BC), but also don’t bleed. Ever. This is a good thing, because for me, bleeding (even “pill periods”) is preceded by sharp pains throughout my lower half, accompanied by throbbing pain throughout my entire body (plus vomiting!), and followed by lingering aches. So it’s a week of PMS, a week of agony, a week of painful recovery, one week off!, and then back to the cycle.

I pay upwards of $50 a month to not go through this. Honestly, if I had to, I would cut out almost all my other expenses before I stopped buying my Lybrel– the first $50 of every paycheck would go straight to BC. But I don’t have to. In fact, the cost fazes me so little that I don’t even put any effort into remembering where, exactly, all of my fifty-dollar containers of medicine are, or how many I have at any point in time. I just locate the nearest pill and take it, every night at 6:00 Central exactly (since PMS will visit me within hours of a missed pill) and if I finish a package, I make a note to get some more.

I know the blogosphere doesn’t really need any more privileged-rich-chick navel-gazing, but, well, it’s too late now. My navel: let me show you it! It’s not sensitive to touch or extreme temperatures, because this privileged-rich-chick is taking good care of it, as only she can.


6 Responses to Birth control everywhere!

  1. Crowfoot says:

    My navel: let me show you it!

    Ha! 😀

    I’m glad that my periods have usually been really mellow sorts of things. Although I did go through a stage where the first day was just horrible – terrible terrible cramps, shaking, nausea. Usually after I managed to get myself to vomit I started to feel better. Then all the days after were barely noticeable.

    I know! I know! Not what you want to hear :-p But you have my sympathy – although personally I’d be uncomfortable with the idea of not bleeding at all. Isn’t it healthier for the body to get rid of what it’s not using? But of course, if the choice is bleed-terrible pain-throwing up and not-bleeding, well, duh.

    Have you read any of Renee’s posts (Womanist Musings) on menstruation? I’ve seen them there but haven’t read them in any detail yet. I like talking about menstruation heh. I was lucky(?) to have a mom who was all laid back about our bodies and sex. It was just never a big deal. Very ho-hum.

  2. eloriane says:

    When one is taking hormonal BC, nothing is generated TO bleed. The “pill periods” one has while on BC are not real periods, but rather a withdrawal symptom. If one doesn’t withdraw the estrogen, one does not experience withdrawal! The “pill periods” are therefore medically unnecessary, but left in to soothe religious types, make it seem less “unnatural,” etc. (And because it’s a useful indicator of non-pregnancy.)

    I haven’t read Renee’s posts yet (my internet’s wonky– this is my phone!) but I will when I get the chance.

    • Crowfoot says:

      *blink* huh. lol my assumptions, eh?

      So you mean that the blood shed whilst on birth-control pills isn’t the lining of the uterus sloughing off? Or it is, but it’s quantifiably different? Things I should’ve known! No matter now – I’m off the things, happily, and have my regular mellow periods. It would feel weird not menstruating, I think. Like something was missing. It’s always felt like a kind of cleansing, somehow.

      phone-posting! oh god. must. not. purchase. more. techtoys. must. not. purchase. more. techtoys. O.o

  3. eloriane says:

    The estrogen in BC prevents the build-up of uterine lining, but if you stop the estrogen, your uterus will return to its regularly scheduled lining build-up, and then you DO have something to shed. So it is the uterine lining, but it’s being shed for a different reason than an ordinary period, and if you didn’t stop the estrogen, it wouldn’t be created TO shed. That’s why “pill periods” are often lighter/ less painful– there’s less uterine lining to shed, because it’s accumulated over a much shorter period of time.

    And I know what you mean, actually, about something being missing. Even though I’m really, really glad not to have to put up with it, it’s weird whenever period-talk happens and I realize I haven’t had one for years. I don’t even get the random spotting any more, not since I started taking my pills at the exact same time every day. It’s like… a marker of the passage of time is missing. Like, I don’t have my bodily cycle to make this week different from last week.

    As for phone-posting… resist! Resist!! Tech toys are best when received as presents from parents who will pay the monthly phone bills! You don’t need one!

    (Who am I kidding? I am totally addicted to my phone. I could never give up mobile internet.)

    • Crowfoot says:

      Ah, ok that makes sense, re the uterine lining. And I like how menstruation marks time 🙂 in keeping with the moon too!

      and I may resist the lure of more tech toys for a time (until I get my credit card paid off and build up my savings again?). After new compy and new smaller lappy, a new phone was next. Though John Fluevog has my number so bad :-p

  4. […] On Bleeding I’ve been inspired by the Pursuit of Harpyness (and the excellent poem they linked) to talk a little bit more about my period, before I stopped having one. […]

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