This Is My Flaw

Shakesville asked, and I’m answering. I have warts on my hands. My parents have always told me that no one can see them but me, but when I was in elementary school, the other kids refused to let me play Red Rover because they wouldn’t touch my warty hands. I went through the unspeakably painful process of having them frozen off with liquid nitrogen, and then I had scars even bigger and more noticeable than the warts were. I have new warts too, now (though they come and go with stress), but there’s no way I’ll get them frozen off this time.



I assure you, there really are new warts growing. If you check out the photos where I’ve hosted them on flickr, I’ve put little notes marking where the new ones are.

I scar really, really easily, actually– if it forms a scab, it leaves a scar, basically– so I’ve got lots of teeny ones all over. Plenty on my knees from when I was a kid, and on the underside of my chin, where, thankfully, they’re not visible. I also get pimples on my arms (another flaw!), and then I pick at them, so I have teeny-tiny scars all over my arms, too.

I hit my head on a sharp corner once as a kid, and for about eight years I had a scar between my eyebrows that looked oddly like a bruise. It was just a dark, purple smudge. I was really pleased the first year that it didn’t show up in my school portraits– I had finally outgrown the habit of running around outside and bruising my whole body, and while I was OK with getting funny looks for an “injury” when I’d just fallen out of the treehouse again, I didn’t appreciate it when I’d only been reading.

I also have two different graphite-colored scars from accidentally stabbing myself with pencils…

Man, I never used to understand why I’d stopped being such an active, outdoorsy kid, and why I started to loathe any physical activity– I think I’ve found the reason! Exercise hurts!


4 Responses to This Is My Flaw

  1. Dalal N says:

    I think your hands are beautiful, scars and all. 🙂

    And I hear you about the graphite scars! As a grade-school kid, I used to stick my pencils sharpened side up in the front pockets of my jeans. I always forgot that I had them there, and continuously pricked my fingers on them. I have two pinpricks that stayed grey. One is on my left thumb, and the other is on my right hand, just above my wrist.

    I thought that I would die of lead poisoning when I got them. Lol!

  2. Tangent says:

    Use duct tape on the warts. It causes irritation which results in the wart being killed off by immune reaction within a month or two.

    And who wants perfect hands anyway? Your hands are fine. Warts and all. ^^

  3. eloriane says:

    Noo, I don’t want to take my warts off! I scar so easily, it would surely leave a bigger mark than the wart itself, which will go away on its own if I ever stop being so stressed out.

    Actually, the biggest reason is that I can’t imagine doing something so violent to my own hands (well, now I can’t, anyway). I guess that means I really have accepted my flaws.

    • Crowfoot says:

      late to the party all over the blog, but I was under the impression that Tangent meant for the duct-tape to stay on? So one doesn’t rip the warts off with the duct tape but just ‘bandages’ the warts with the duct tape? But I don’t know if you feel like experimenting 😉

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