It snowed this past weekend. Not a lot, but a nice dusting. It was lovely snow too, all giant, soft, fat flakes.*

But… snow! In March! I can’t remember when it last snowed here in March. It all melted once the sun came out (which it did, shockingly, for a spell) but still! SNOW! This is VANCOUVER. We barely get any snow in December, let along March! Usually, while the rest of Canada is up past their mukluks** in snow, us here in Victoria and Vancouver are all “aren’t the spring tulips lovely this year? Let’s go do some yoga on the beach!” (best spoken with a kind of psuedo-LA-west coast-yuppie drawl). And we say that in February. Sure, sure, we do get a lot of rain. Why do you think the X-Files looked so awesome being filmed here? And Supernatural? The light’s all dark and spooky. How did David Duchovny describe it here? “A post-glacial rainforest.” Which is pretty accurate, actually. Anyways, lots of rain very little snow. Usually it’s just up on the mountains, giving us something to ooh and aww over (or plan to get up to ski on).

This has been one of the snowiest winters ever. Usually it’s a quick dusting – or rather, a giant dump (imagine what happens when all that rain starts to freeze) then already shitty traffic grinds to a halt, it melts and there’s some mild flooding somewhere. But this year it just keeps coming! Who’d done yoga on the beach this year? Still, not being much into yoga apparently, I’m still kind of enjoying the wintery weather. Unseasonal though it is.

(yeah I know, this prattle is very prattley. At least there’s pretty pictures!

*this is a cheat photo, I admit. It was taken by someone else last year. The tulips haven’t quite come up that much this year.

**bonus points to those who a) know what mukluks are and b) how high that actually isn’t!


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