Hey, Christian Fundies Listened To Me!

Well! What interesting timing. Just when eloriane and I were both thinking about same-sex marriage (ok, I was mostly scrunching my eyes shut and spewing), Vermont goes and votes almost unanimously for marriage equality! Okay, maybe 26 – 4 isn’t all that “almost unanimous” mathematically, but hey! It’s not a squeaker 😀 And yes, the vote does need to clear the House but it sounds like that’s likely not going to be a problem. w00t! This is awesome news, Vermont!

Of course, being the newshound that I am ,*ahem* I learned of this first from Shakesville, thankyouverymuch Ms. McEwan. I don’t read the news, it seems. I read feminists’ take on the news. Much easier for the blood pressure.

Over at Blurt, the blog of Vermont independent newspaper Seven Days, they bring us  a view of what it was like inside the Senate during the debate and the vote:

Sen. John Campbell (D-Windsor), the key sponsor of the Senate version, tossed aside eight pages of notes to “speak from the heart” in an effort to urge his colleagues to support the bill.

Campbell said marriage needed to be inclusive, and into its fold brought people who were committed to upholding the rights and responsibilities of marriage, as well as the love it takes to make it work.

He took offense at some opponents labeling gays and lesbians “those people.”

“You know who those they people are? They are our policemen. They are our firefighters. They’re teachers; they’re garbagemen; they’re the guy who plows the street,” said Campbell. “They are our children, our sisters, our brothers. That’s what they are. They are human beings and as such and as it’s said in this bill they should be treated equally.”

*sniff* You know, usually when I go to weddings I don’t get emotional. Often there’s this part of me inside that is really hoping that the bride won’t go through with it. “Run!” says the voice in my head. But, the only same-sex marriage I’ve been to is also the only wedding where I cried. Being able to love, openly, and to have that love acknowledged by the community? That means something. Good for you, Vermont senators, for doing the right thing.


2 Responses to Hey, Christian Fundies Listened To Me!

  1. yinyang says:

    I don’t read the news, it seems. I read feminists’ take on the news. Much easier for the blood pressure.

    Me, too!

    I’m waiting for it to be official before I get too excited, but then I’ll be Twittering and Facebooking away. Yay, Vermont! 😀

    • Crowfoot says:

      yeah I probably should have waited too *knocks on wood furiously* but I thought it was so great that the Senators voted the way they did, even if it doesn’t pass the House. Yay Vermont! Also, it’s noted (I forget where) that Vermont was the first of the States to legalize civil unions. See people? The universe really doesn’t cave in if people who love each other get married. Amazing!

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