Menstruation and being trans: the blogaround!

I’ve been reflecting on this post of mine, and epsecially the idea that “Even women who do not menstruate have, thanks to our cultural expectations, a relationship with menstruation, positive or negative, that is both powerful and very, very real. So we should talk about it.” I realized I wanted to know more about the role menstruation plays in the lives of trans men and women. To the internets! Here are some of the voices I found:

Menstruating in the Men’s Room, from Coffee and Gender.

This week I am experiencing yet another aspect of transitioning that may confound a binary mind. I am menstruating in the men’s room.

Thoughts on Menstruation, from Tboy Jacky.

On June 6, the day before my transition party, I began my first post-testosterone period. I found it very ironic that I should be on the rag for a party celebrating my transition from female-to-male.

No More Ritual Bleeding, from Gender Outlaw.

Thanks to the wondrous effects of testosterone, I no longer experience monthly menstruation. Wow! I really wasn’t expecting this to happen so quickly—but NO complaints, it’s simply wonderful!

Auntie Flo is Not Welcome in Our House, although I am crampy, from Undercover Girl.

Today’s issue contains two articles about women’s health. There are certain events natal women have that transwomen can never, or at least not yet, experience – monthly periods and pregnancy. …

Menstruation and pregnancy are such salient experiences for natal women, we are likely quite interested in what those experiences have meant to them. And we should be interested in helping to make sure those experiences are at least not traumatic for the other women we share the planet with.

I actually found less than I expected. That may be my cis privilege making me assume that menstruation “should” be a big deal for trans folks (in which case, call me on it!), or it may just be that my google-fu is failing me. Either way, I need to get some more trans blogs in my RSS reader, stat! Any recommendations?


6 Responses to Menstruation and being trans: the blogaround!

  1. genderoutlaw says:

    I’m not too surprised you didn’t come up with much in relation to transmale menstruation. I think a lot of guys are very uncomfortable talking about it. Of all the subjects I’ve blogged about, I’d have to say it was one of the more awkward ones for me.

    As an update to my older post you linked to (thanks!) I can say that I’m currently experiencing the biggest bleeding event of my lifetime: I’ve been bleeding two weeks straight now, post-hysterectomy. I guess it’s fitting that the last time is such a final hoorah of a send off! (And I remind myself that it’s not uterine lining that I’m shedding, just post-operative bleeding.)

  2. eloriane says:

    Hello! Welcome to the blog!

    And yeah, talking about menstruation, especially in a public forum, is awkward even as a cis woman. I want to say “thank you for sharing,” but, uh, I can’t figure out how to do so without sounding woefully insincere, haha. I truly do appreciate being able to hear about people’s experiences, especially the ones that are too awkward to come up often in person!

    I’ve added your blog to my RSS reader, as well as some from your blogroll– would you have any blogs you’d recommend to someone who is a bit of a trans newbie? I knew a transman when I lived in Kansas, but he, uh, stole my girlfriend, so we never really had a lot of heart-to-hearts. But I digress!

    Congrats on the hysterectomy (and the unexpected pronoun win at work, that sounds awesome!), and best of luck with all your future endeavors!

  3. Jacky V. says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog. Like Gender Outlaw, I’m not that surprised. For many trans guys that I know, menstruation is something that is a constant reminder of their being born female and that they have female genitals, inside and outside.

    I actually enjoyed writing about it. I didn’t have a huge problem with having a period although I don’t know if I could go back to having one now that I’ve been 9 months without it. Of course, I went 9 months without menstruating when I was pregnant but that was a whole other thing. I was just thinking today how it would be weird if I stopped T, started menstruating again and had periods while using the men’s room. That sound of a ripping a sanitary napkin from my underwear would sure throw those other guys for a loop! (I was never much of a tampon wearer).

  4. Lemur says:

    Hey wow! I just wrote about that! Very thoughtful post. (I’m cis, but… I’m trying to buck the menstrual taboo and can’t imagine how much more of a taboo/difficulty it is for trans folk.)

  5. […] or discuss their own experiences that do not seem to be widely spoken of, much like eloriane did just recently. And of course, blogging can be a means of activism, whether in challenging the sexism […]

  6. amikkola says:

    Love it. Thanks for the post! I’m a menstruation-positive feminist activist looking to buck the taboo and open up the conversation…and I don’t want only essentialist hippie women to participate, though they’re great and did a lot of the menstrual activist groundwork in the 70’s.

    I’m wondering about putting together a zine about menstruation from the viewpoint of people who don’t fall within female gender norms…good idea?

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