Women’s Music: Bif Naked

Gonna promote a local gal tonight! The awesome Bif Naked. This is the only video I could find for one of the songs from her new album. Have a listen to Sick:

I am seriously loving this song! I know the video itself doesn’t really have anything to do with Ms Naked but it’s the only one I could find for this song. Of course, I suggest you go to her website (here’s another link) and listen/purchase her music there. In fact, if you go to her site Sick starts playing. And “you make me siiick!!” is such a great song to have in the background when reading feminists blaming the patriarchy! 😀

Ahh, I do have a fondness for women yelling their rage into microphones! This other one, unfortunately only a link, is older but it was pretty cathartic after a shitty relationship: Moment of Weakness. Hmm, am I detecting a theme? :-p

Ok this one is I Love Myself Today and it’s – oh wait. It’s also a break-up song (sorta). heh

To Bif, lots of love and good health and happiness, you awesome badass woman. Keep kicking that cancer to the curb and producing these great songs! Namaste and blessed be *smooches* 😀


4 Responses to Women’s Music: Bif Naked

  1. dirtyrose says:

    I love this woman! 😀 Let Down is also an amazing song and great video. Nice to see another fan!

  2. dirtyrose says:

    If you do not go see her live, you have to answer to the gods of femme punk (is that a genre? I’m making it one right now) when you die. That’s the rule. 🙂

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