Excuses, excuses

I haz them.

You know that series I was talking about, the one on bullshit femininity/masculinity? The one that was going to start with a post I’d written notes for, but had temporarily lost the notes? Well, I found them, and I started writing.

This isn’t a blog post; it’s more like a paper. It’s getting really long, and I’m not even through the first card yet (there are four).

So, in the interim, I thought I’d leave you with this bit of childhood nothingness that has everything to do with the concept of gender in the patriarchy:


What are little boys made of?
I’ll tell you what little boys are made of.
Sticks* and snails and puppy dog tails:
That’s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
I’ll tell you what little girls are made of.
Sugar and spice and everything nice:
That’s what little girls are made of.

* This is how I learned it. The original line is apparently “snips and snails and puppy dog tails”.


3 Responses to Excuses, excuses

  1. Crowfoot says:

    ugh. So boys are made of active things (tails = fun, outgoing), hard things (sticks, for throwing or for building), gross things (snails= sticky and slimy because boys aren’t neat) and girls are made of Nice and are… tasty. Consumable. Nothing else. Passive.

    Indeed we are drowned in gender since day one, no matter how we fight it or hate it, no matter if it hurts us and/or restricts us. We’re all stained with it. And there are only two genders, and never shall they overlap. And for god’s sake there is never a third option!

  2. Jo says:

    Has anyone else read the possibly related posts? The first one is a gem of “What about Teh Boyz”, in that it laments the loss of all things fun for boys. Never one mention of girls, of course. Typical patriarchy.

    Find it funny that the SECOND link is a story about a boy who does all those fun things the first poster laments the loss of.

    • Crowfoot says:

      *snort* indeed! I usually ignore the “possibly related posts” because I just assume there will be asshattery afoot. The first post is a prime example! Men are less manly now? Bzwha? And their whole rant about creating antiseptic environments has nothing to do with gender. It’s not about emasculating boys FFS. Oh wait, maybe it is about gender? But it’s more about the gender role of mothers? That mothers are supposed to keep diseases away from their children so now if a woman doesn’t kill 99% of the germs she’s a bad mother? (would that be reason number 359,35,852,455 that a woman is a Bad Mother?

      The second link is actually really depressing. The little boy used to care and now he’s being all Manly by saying “whatever.” *sigh*

      The third link, however, introduced me to an all-female band I’ve never heard of! The Vivian Girls cover a Beach Boys song. I like their version better 🙂 *goes to google Vivian Girls*

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