WTF: Sexism in Advertising

Out of fracking Nowhere:


I fail to see what this has to do with the product sold. Oh, wait. STOPPING TRAFFIC. It is necessary to have an image of a woman in bondage gear showing her ass to the camera because THAT WUD SO STOP TRAFFIC THEIR TRAFFIC CONES GET IT?!!!

Don’t worry, guys: I hate you right back.

P.S. This was a Google ad on FAILblog.

ETA: This just in: Advertisers dig a chick with NO SPINE.


ETA2: Tennessee Guerilla Women has a post up just now on misogyny in car ads. Even if all men don’t hate you, the ones in advertising certainly do.


5 Responses to WTF: Sexism in Advertising

  1. Crowfoot says:

    WTF is right! Also, nice placement of the hypersexualized woman right next to the word “disposable,” assholes. And that second one! I mean.. what?

  2. Jo says:

    Fur realz, yo.

    The woman in the second one looks, well, a lot like a zombie, somehow.

    “Sexy”= being in a horrifically uncomfortable looking pose, with limp and lifeless arms with slack jaw AND YET sporting the “come hither” stare???!!!

    That pose reminds me so much of those “sexy dead girls” ads from some high-fashion company or other (D&G?) this last summer. Because nothing says ‘sexually available” like being dead (or, you know, zombified).

  3. Eng says:

    From my guy’s perspective, I’m with Jo – the second woman looks very much like a zombie. Also like she will shortly be falling over. In any case not attractive.

    I am not really sure what to say about the first one, except that it is egregious and, I’d argue, ineffective marketing since the more effective the totally egregious woman is, the less likely people are to even remember that the ad was about disposable traffic cones. Silly people.

  4. dirtyrose says:

    It’s not just advertisers – the entire modeling industry that provides material for those ads is misogynist as well.

    The rare model might be lovely to look at, but the structure in which she works is specifically designed to force starvation and an impossible idea of “perfection” on her (or him) at every turn. Hardly healthy.

    Yet as long as advertisers buy that image, the modeling agencies will stay in business. And sadly, the converse is true – as long as modeling agencies keep the focus on too-skinny unhealthy models, advertisers will (by and large) pick them up.

  5. Jo says:

    And as long as women are considered sub-human, what’s good for an individual woman (weight their bodies maintain naturally, good posture, self-determination) will continue to be completely ignored in favor of whatever the men in the industry want for wank-fodder.

    As the TGW post says, each of these images didn’t just come from a single photographer’s imagination — they were discussed at length, brainstormed about, and a lot of people didn’t merely not object to them, they thought that these images were actually good ideas; indeed, they were the best they could come up with, the ones they were most excited about.

    This, of course, makes me want to throw up in my mouth, and not just a little bit.

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