Ideas Worth Spreading: The Sixth Sense

Welcome back to our weekly feature, Ideas Worth Spreading! Inspired by TED, I want to find something fascinating or meaningful to share with all of you every week.

Today: Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense.

I really, really, really want to have one of these. I just get so carried away imagining fascinating things it could be used for– live-blogging events with video, pictures, and brief messages typed on my palm! On-the-spot citations to settle in-person arguments! Always knowing the goddamn time! I want these things.

I also want to highlight one of the comments at the TED site that I saw the last time I visited (not sure if it’s still visible), because I found it hilarious:

One more thing: as a design student this shocks me terribly; when people can casually refer to trusted site and reviewers before they make a purchase, that means the whole point of advertisement will be rendered obsolete and literally ruin people related to this industry and profession, unless it manages to evolve into something else different.

With new technology there are foreseeable and unforeseeable impact no matter positive or negative they are. I hope those responsible for the development of these new technology learn how to tread carefully here, unlike their predecessors.

Basically: OH NO BUT IF PEOPLE CAN LOOK UP THE ACTUAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS IT WILL BE HARDER TO MISLEAD THEM WITH OUR ADVERTISEMENTS! Like, seriously, dude, that’s why we want it. I want to shop super-conscientiously. I don’t want to buy from anyone using sweatshops, sexist advertising, or environmentally harmful manufacturing (among other things!). The only reason I do buy from people who follow those practices is because it’s too hard to know, for every single individual item I purchase, what its Evilness Rating is. If I had a device that would automatically search for information about brands based on my specifications and tell me when I was about to endorse questionable practices, you bet I would stop buying their shit. And, yeah, maybe the advertising company responsible might suffer, as their pretty pictures of smiling flowers failed to convince consumers that the coal in question was actually “clean,” I can’t help but think that our planet would benefit.

Which is why I think this is an idea worth spreading.

Got any recommendations for next week’s Ideas Worth Spreading? Send ’em in! Remember, the name is Ideas Worth Spreading, not TED Talks, so it doesn’t have to be from TED, even though that’s what prompted me to blog these– share anything that you find fascinating or powerful and, well, worth spreading!


3 Responses to Ideas Worth Spreading: The Sixth Sense

  1. Colleen says:

    I love this one, in which a Chilean novelist talks about “Tales of passion” and advocates for feminism and woman-powered activism.

  2. Dalal N says:

    I think for the next time, maybe someone talking about disease? As it’s sort of becoming relevant right now. :3 ( this one, maybe? Sorry for not knowing how to link!)

    As for the Sixth Sense….DROOOL!!!

  3. Alva Bixby says:

    I second your “I really really want one of these”, but only with some form of privacy setting that only allows you to see the information. Maybe a little bluetooth headset add-on, so that the person you are simultaneously google stalking & conversing with doesn’t get to see what sort of data you’re pulling up on them.

    The “Oh noes, the people reject our beautiful marketing!!” crap is always precious. How dare people attempt to inform themselves, rather than go through the designated arbiters of information!

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