One less asshole in the Legislature

If you recall, which will be difficult since there are soooo many posts between this one and that one *ahem*, I had posted about a local homophobic politician being taken to task for being, well, homophobic. Well the provincial elections were tonight and I’m quite happy to say that there is at least one dumbass homophobe who WON’T be getting that kick-ass pension and voting against my rights! Yes, he lost, thankfully. However, his party won the overall election. But, like Obama, I’m sure Premier-elect Campbell’s lack of speaking out against his bigoted party member will in no way indicate that he doesn’t actually care about LGBT rights. Hmph.

One of the other things we British Columbians were voting for tonight was whether or not to drastically change our voting system. Instead of our standard, first-past-the-post system wherein even a slim majority in many ridings will result in a vast majority in the legislature, we were offered the chance to vote for a Single Transferrable Vote system.  This would mean that a Radical Feminist Party, if such a thing existed *swoon*, could get seats! No more domination by a slim majority! This was also the second time that the referendum was offered to BC citizens.

Well, it failed. Now, if it had followed the usual rules for referendums, then it would have passed the first time in 2005 (though maybe not this time). Instead, then as now, it needed to win 60% of the ridings, and win a majority of 60% in votes cast overall in order to pass. A double majority, in other words. A double majority of more than just 50 + 1, in fact. Would that Proposition 8 in California have had the same rules! Funnily enough, the same guy who set up the whole think tank to travel the province and hold meetings and research which system would be best to use is also the same guy who changed the law for this particular referendum only, and is also the same guy staying in power tonight. Huh. I wonder how he was wishing it would go? Hoping for accolades without actually doing anything maybe? Couldn’t be.

So we have a third straight majority win for the provincial Liberals. Which is pretty unusual for BC – I mean, our politics are kind of craaazy. Look at the riding of Mr Bigot: usually it’s a contest between a Conservative and a New Democrat. Not a Conservative and a Liberal, or a Liberal and an NDPer, but the right right wing against the left left wing (for those who don’t know, the New Democratic Party is so far left of Mr Sparklepants Obama that Obama would call them commies). We usually change Premiers the way others change their pants. Wackiness over here, kittens. The guy who essentially made sure that BC became a province? Had changed his name to Amor De Cosmos . Srsly.

Anyways. More Gordon Campbell. But at least, no Marc Dalton! FUCK YOU, Marc Dalton. We’ll remember you.


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