Coming Out: the prelude

So, I have a big long depress-o-thon of a post in the works, in which I do a lot of soul searching and decide a few things, but I wanted to let you in on the decisions sooner rather than later. Namely:

1. I need to re-commit to this blog. I was taking a break because the work wasn’t seeming worthwhile, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Gender Goggles does still deserve high priority in my life.

2. I need to do so on my own terms. It needs to be a safe space for me, which means I’ll be “coming out” about a number of biographical details that have been weighing on me as I increasingly sanitize my posts to remove references to my life.

3. I need to do it right. Publishing every day was great, but it made it impossible for me to write the posts I am most proud of. Instead, I’ll be writing every day, and publishing when I’m sure I’ve got something good.

4. I need you to vote for me so I can win a trip to Australia!!!

Yes, this is actually what prompted all the soul-searching. You see, I am one of ten semi-finalists to win a trip to Australia, and the winner is going to be determined by an online vote. The polls are only open from Wednesday to this Sunday (11:59 CST). Four days to mobilize people on my behalf! Clearly, it was time to call on the Inter Webs for help! But I was entered under my full name, and I don’t use that here. Dilemma!

Well, dilemma resolved: My name is Laura Gauch, and I would like you to go to this site, sign up (for free! no spam!) and vote to send me to Australia.

I was going to do this anyway. I’ve been whining to Crowfoot about wanting to use my name for months. I’ve just been a lot more scared of things lately (which you will get to read all about soon) and my last name is a bit distinctive. I was nervous. I needed some outside reason to push me to follow through on my desire. And, well, here it is! I feel sleazy, but also hugely relieved. And a whole lot of other things too, which, like I said, forthcoming depress-o-thon. I just wanted the “woo Australia!” stuff to be in an upbeat post of its own.

More details of the contest:

I am a huge fan of travelling and as such enjoy maintaining a profile at (a facebook app that has expanded into its own site.) Recently they had a contest to win a trip to Australia, and every photo you uploaded entered you into the drawing one more time. I uploaded… a lot of photos. Now, they have selected ten finalists to compete for the grand prize, and I’m one of them!

The grand prize winner is going to be determined by a vote; polling began Wednesday night and will end this Sunday at midnight CST. I think I have a very real shot at this, but, well, I need to get people to vote for me! The trip I’m competing for is this one, and I’d really like to go!

To vote for me, you need an account at It’s a fairly simple process to connect a facebook account to the site and create a profile that way, but you can also create a profile just for if you prefer. It’s free, and they don’t send any spam; I’ve been using the site for a while.

Once you have an account, you’ll have to go to the main page. Underneath the flash-animated map there is a blue box with the words “Their fate is in your hands!” You should be able to find my picture and name in the box, and click on me to vote for me. I’ve got red hair and am wearing a green scarf in front of a green background, and, of course, my name is Laura. If you have any questions, email me! Seriously. I’ll help.

It costs no money and very little time, and it would mean a great deal to me if I won. I’ll also express my gratitude by sending a postcard to anyone who wants one (though if I lose, it will be a postcard from Fayetteville, Arkansas!) Just tell me your mailing address and I’ll share the love.

Woo! Australia!


4 Responses to Coming Out: the prelude

  1. mystery_bouffe says:

    Good for you on keeping up the blog! While I haven’t commented (like I promised I would [it’s the rando from PMOG/Shakesville, by the by]), I do check for updates, and am always happy to see a new post. There certainly can never be enough progressive content on ye olde internets.

    Also, I voted for you on Where I’ve Been – best of luck!

  2. Paganite says:

    I hope you make it to Australia…
    Best country in the world!

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