Quick hit: I WON!

YES! I am totally going to Australia!!

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted for me!

There’s no news on the site yet but I’ve gotten the email and I’m setting stuff up with them to get a profile about me on the site, and to word out details. So, this August, I’m going with my dad on this 12-day tour from Sydney to Brisbane! I’ll take lots of photos, and do my best to blog while I’m gone!

Yes, it’s true– I haven’t forgotten you, dear, sweet blog, or the promises I made to… actually update. I’m still coughing my guts up every day, but posts are coming.

…including posts about AUSTRALIA! Woo!


5 Responses to Quick hit: I WON!

  1. Holy crap!! Beats what I won on that contest I was in.


  2. Jo says:

    Whee! Congrats!

    (I’m trying to come up with something to post, btw. Life has been eating my mental concentration. >_<)

  3. Aileen Wuornos says:

    Congratulations! I hope you love it here, even if you’re coming into a winter. I guarentee you it’s nothing like the ones at home. It’s such a shame you’re only going to the east coast though. Perth is a dump, but it’s by far the best-looking and cleanest city in the country. Even if it is stuck between 1955 – 1976 and refuses to budge.

  4. […] Blog Note/Kavetching Hello dear readers! If any of you are still around, that is. I would like to apologize for how quiet it’s been around here. We haven’t even left a note or anything.  And this note is rather late as it is. Not that we have a giant following or anything, but it just seems kind of rude to be writing everyday and then suddenly not, and not say anything. I suspect we are all very busy and/or very exhausted. Or in Australia! […]

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